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Overkill VR Case Study

Overkill VR is a VR shooter that focuses heavily on cover-system mechanics. Get a closeup view of your weapons and customize them to your liking while you fight your way through more than thirty levels! Deadly fun awaits you as you step in to join the resistance, take on your oppressors, and lead the final revolution.

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Binamon Case Study

Binamon is a PvP based MOBA with a focus on ranged combat in an open battle arena. Forgoing lanes and minions that are traditional to the subgenre, players will jump into combat with their creatures and monsters and fight for victory with their team. An NFT based game, players will be able to import their NFTs from the Binamon collections as well as collect brand-new creatures on the road to victory.

Discover how both client and community are pleased with the direction of our work and in what we’re delivering.

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Gamma 4 Case Study

Gamma-4 is a turn-based, NFT strategy card game. With a heavy sci-fi focus, take control of an array of sci-fi characters, build your deck, and push through to victory. Gamma-4 encourages players to mix and match their cards and characters, creating combinations of previously singular races. Take your scrambling Goblins and combine them with some mysterious Atari technology, or take your human to the next stage of life by combining them with the hi-tech Marauder parts. Create your dream team of humans, aliens, goblins, and mutants

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Star Control Origins Case Study

Star Control Origins is a sci-fi RPG where you command Earth’s first interstellar starship. Your mission is simple! Save Earth from hostile alien empires, no
pressure. Take the helm of the ship as the Captain and explore the universe in2088. Strike out into distant solar systems, navigate hyperspace an the politics of alien species. Encounter exotic worlds and civilizations as you assemble a fleet strong enough to face established galactic powers and defend the stars

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Hello Kitty’s Merge Town Case Study

Explore the wonderful world of Hello Kitty’s Merge Town! Meet and interact with all the characters you know and love! Can you help Kitty through the
mystery and restore her town? Hello Kitty Merge Town is a merging puzzle game created by FunCraft. Full of the notable characters from Hello Kitty, players will discover, learn, and merge their way to victory. Whether playing for a long or short time, players will be able to relax and enjoy this easy to learn
puzzle game

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Hello Guest Case Study

Hello Guest is the sequel to the critically acclaimed Stealth Horror Game, Hello Neighbour. Now set in a ramshackle and abandoned amusement park, players must pit themselves against an advanced, self-learning AI. Players must keep a wary eye out as this unknown, hooded, and cloaked, creeping creature lurks in the shadows. Players must set about their tasks through the eerie park and survive its mysterious hunt. Just do your job, what could go wrong?

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Hills of Steel Case Study

Hills of Steel is an addictive, physics-based tank-action game, delivering customizable and explosive warfare. This free-to-play experience pushes players to crush their enemies with steel, collect the loot, and move forward with their new unlocks. From the fearless, frontline Cobra, to the behemoth Titan, players can choose their own tank, weapons, and playstyles. Climb the ranks, conquer the battlefield, and become the greatest war marshal that the World’s ever seen.

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