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Starloop Studios provides full-cycle VR game development services for different platforms and in different genres of games, that will bring your innovative ideas and concepts to life. Our virtual reality game solutions will transform your unique and creative gaming ideas into an addictive and futuristic VR game, at the same time opening doors for new opportunities.

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Why Virtual Reality Games?

According to Statista, the VR gaming market revenue in the United States alone is forecast to generate up to 19.5 billion U.S. dollars by the end of 2025. Nowadays, gamers are looking for new and immersive experiences, which is really what virtual reality game development is all about.VR acted as a game changer in the gaming sector and improved user experience. At Starloop Studios, we focus on creating games that are extensive in detailing and deliver high levels of user satisfaction. With our flawless virtual reality games, your users will be able to interact with the surroundings in a seamless and engaging manner.


Starloop Studios is proud to be part of Magic Media, an ambitious international group, providing a diverse range of flexible and cutting-edge services to the games and entertainment industry. Our full complement of game development services will join a diverse and quality range of flexible offerings, including cybersecurity, software development, video production, VFX, art and animation, and more. Our vision is to continue with a stronger, more collaborative, and more inclusive working culture.

Our Virtual Reality Game Services

Starloop Studios delivers a highly immersive user experience that teleports the user inside the game itself adding a whole world of possibilities for both creators and gamers alike. Let our certified Top VR developers create a refreshing virtual world that will blow your audience’s minds and allow them to engage with your brand in new and unforgettable ways.

Key VR Technology Expertize

We work with all the latest virtual reality game development tools and platforms to help you build stunning games with superior graphic rendering, sound, animation, and display. Our team is highly competent in full cycle.

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With more than 13 years of experience, we will help you create a whole new world for your users. Our team can build VR solutions for devices such as Google Cardboard, Oculus Rift, HTC, Samsung Gear VR and more which can be deployed on the web or iOS and Android.


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What does a virtual reality developer do?2022-06-01T10:41:22+01:00

A virtual reality (VR) developer is the professional in charge of designing and programming virtual reality solutions.

He or she is responsible for ensuring that VR solutions create immersive experiences and smooth interactions.

Why choose virtual reality for my video game?2022-06-01T10:40:30+01:00

Virtual reality technology is used to create the world you want. You can be anywhere in the world or universe and be whoever you want to be. 

Virtual Reality allows users to be involved in what is going on around them. 

VR can make you feel like you are there, a witness to what is happening, and that you have a responsibility to the events around you.

One of the biggest challenges for VR, is to grow with the viability in the market for indie developers and small developers, to commercialize the platform in a sustainable way.

What does VR mean?2022-06-01T10:39:35+01:00

Virtual reality (VR) is an environment of simulated real-looking scenes and objects. The most common meaning refers to an environment generated by computer technology, which creates in the user the sensation of being immersed in it.

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