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Game Tool Development Solutions for Reliability and Optimum Results

Starloop Studios develop the right tools that are explicitly created to fulfill a particular game’s needs. With our 10+ years experience in the field of video games, we create custom and purpose-built tools that allow your animators, programmers, and designers to work faster, thus speeding the game into the waiting hands of your users.

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Why Game Tool Development?

Tool development is a critical first step in the game development process. Often in the production and publishing of video games, the greatest challenge to the progress of any project may be a method that has not yet achieved maximum performance.

When elaborating a game, tools become essential elements in the development process, for project control, for generating a version for delivery, and for elaborating parts of a game.

When presented with the right tools, designed with a set of scalable needs, your team can be driven to get even better with optimum results.

Our Tool Development Services

We provide tool development solutions that can fit any of your custom needs, to facilitate the work of your animators, character riggers, and other development crew which allow them to bring more features to the game – on time and on budget.

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How We Work

Being a leading Mobile Game Development Company, we are known for our out-of-the-box approach. We provide exceptional gamification strategies to turn your idea into reality. Every aspect of our work process is focused on results-driven performance.


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Why Starloop Studios

Our team of 150+ software engineers, artists and designers have immense experience in developing games for more than 12 years. They are aware of all the trends and keep an eye on innovation to provide our clients with the best solutions.


What is NFT in gaming?2022-05-10T23:36:41+01:00

NFT gaming allows you to monetize gameplay elements, such as items or cosmetics, offering unique opportunities to players in acquiring and owning rare or one-of-a-kind in-game items.

What is the difference between fungible and non-fungible tokens?2022-05-10T23:36:47+01:00

Fungible tokens are the tokens that can be exchanged with each other since they have the same value. An example of a fungible token would be any typical currency. No single euro coin or dollar bill is more valuable than another. While non-fungible tokens cannot be exchanged because of the unique specifications and standards.

What types of NFTs can be created on the gaming platform?2022-05-10T23:36:51+01:00

Characters, vehicles, trading cards, weapons, virtual landscape – you can create all kinds of NFTs.

What is the use of NFT in games?2022-05-10T23:36:56+01:00

NFT in games offer users the ability to purchase virtual assets on the marketplace, in the form of NFTs. These NFTs can operate as a variety of items or cosmetics. Weapons in an action game, costumes in an adventure game, backgrounds in a puzzle game, an NFT can literally be anything.

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