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Starloop Studios provides clients the highest quality VFX to help a game reach its full potential. As a leading visual effects (VFX) service provider, we push the limits of what is possible creatively and technically at the most competitive costs.

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Visual Effects At Its Best

Today’s video games has evolved to near reality, production of which has to employ a diverse set of visual effects techniques, to retain the real world player in to their gaming worlds. At Starloop Studios, we match the best references of the market without losing performance and communicate what we desire using the standard tools on the market. Iteration and experimentation are key points to achieve what we need.


Starloop Studios is proud to be part of Magic Media, an ambitious international group, providing a diverse range of flexible and cutting-edge services to the games and entertainment industry. Our full complement of game development services will join a diverse and quality range of flexible offerings, including cybersecurity, software development, video production, VFX, art and animation, and more. Our vision is to continue with a stronger, more collaborative, and more inclusive working culture.

How We Work

We create the effects from scratch in either way 2D or 3D to get the style and the impact required on any project by using a wide set of tools and shaders, always taking care of performance.

Some of our VFX Projects

Whether it’s working with the latest and greatest packages or a few spare parts and tools, Starloop pushes the limits of technology and creativity to achieve the best possible results.


Technology Expertise

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Why Starloop Studios

Our team of 150+ software engineers, artists and designers have immense experience in developing games for more than 13 years. They are aware of all the trends and keep an eye on innovation to provide our clients with the best solutions.


Which software is used for VFX?2022-05-16T07:47:00+01:00

Nuke is currently the most popular compositing software in the VFX industry. 

Why is it the most popular?

  • Because it has all the tools necessary to get the job done. 
  • Because it gets the job done on even the most complex projects.
  • Because it has advanced tools for node-based compositing, 3D tracking and model building, and much more.

There are other software also on the market:

  •  Adobe – After Effects
  • FXhome – HitFilm Pro
  • Autodesk – MAYA
  • Autodesk – 3Ds Max
  •  Maxon – Cinema 4D
  • SideFX – Houdini
  • Foundry – Nuke
  • Blackmagic Design – Fusion
  • Next Limit Technologies – RealFlow
  • Pixologic – ZBrush
  • Blender Foundation – Blender
  • Solid Angle – Arnold
  • IDV, Inc. – SpeedTree
What is VFX art?2022-05-16T07:45:48+01:00

Visual effects artists are dedicated to creating digitally generated photorealistic images. 

For this visual effects to work properly and fulfill their function, they must be seamlessly integrated into the real action of video games. 

Visual effects artists use the latest technology to produce computer-generated creatures, crowds and stuntmen.

What is the VFX in a video game?2022-05-16T07:44:33+01:00

Developers build unique experiences thanks to visual effects. Thanks to visual effects, developers generate worlds where players can have a very clear understanding of the consequences of their actions.

The advantage of visual effects is that they generate a very rewarding feeling: the game recognizes what the player does and responds accordingly.

Is VFX used in games?2022-05-16T07:43:31+01:00

Visual effects are used in both video games and movies. The goal of visual effects is to keep the player as immersed in the game as possible by giving them a touch of reality that will keep them engaged.

Visual effects are essential because they offer players a more engaging gaming experience and enhance the user’s immersion in the world of the game or movie.

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