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Effective Co-Development Makes for Better Games

Strong partnerships and a meeting of minds can result in strikingly engaging games. Co-development allows you to extend your current team with senior programmers, seasoned artists and experienced game designers. Starloop Studios offer our partners a deep understanding of both brands and IPs – and deliver outstanding creative quality and deep expertise in the field.

Why Outsourcing Co-Development

At Starloop Studios, our partners are seeking a lot more than a simple staffing solution for their ambitious projects. They want passionate, diversely talented teams that can drive a project as hard as any internal development team, and become an integral part of the organisation and projects.

Expertise Without Training Requirements

Outsourcing gives you immediate access to our top-level Starloopians who don’t need additional training. If you want your game to succeed, quality is a must.

Better Focus on Your Core Business

Freeing up management time is a reason why companies choose to outsource. You can always contact Starloop team directly to find out how the project is going. At the same time, only your minimum involvement is required — just to make sure that your team and you are on the same page. Hence, your internal team can stay focused on their core tasks.

How We Work

Depending on the stage your idea or product is at, we use our Process of Awesomeness to maximise value and minimise risk. Process of Awesomeness is user-centric at its core and ensures creative value that astonish users around the globe.

Agreement Stage

  • MNDA
  • Get Specs
  • Review code if needed.
  • Share repos
  • Estimate team, costs and calendar
  • Contract and collaboration conditions

Production Stage

  • Kick off meetings
  • Tools and methodologies intro
  • Set up backlog
  • Define milestones
  • Accomplish milestones
  • Monitor quality of deliveries
  • Adjust team and skills to new requisites

Why Starloop Studios

We have creative experts and proven solutions to meet even the strictest requirements.

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Key Platforms & Technology

The choice of a particular technology and platform depends on the requirements for your project. Starloop Studios has a large expert base of state-of-the-art and relevant technologies with advanced port games, and we are constantly developing our knowledge and skills in them. We are you partner with console and pc games ported to android or ios or video game port ( playstation, xbox, wii or swich )

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