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Starloop Studios provides multi-platform game QA testing services during prototyping, development, soft launch, and after release. We carry out end-to-end game testing solutions that lead to a bug-free and responsive gaming activity to your end user.

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Why Game QA Testing?

Quality assurance is the most critical part in a game development process. It is essential to make sure that your game is as bug-free as possible before (and even after) they hit shelves.

Players are most likely to evaluate a game within the first hour of gameplay. Delivering an end product with bugs will lead to criticism from your end users, since it ruins their experience which in turn can lead to a significant reduction in unit sales.

If your users are unhappy with the features, they are likely to delete it. Once deleted, there are very few chances for them to download a newer version the next time it releases. The first impression is the one and only hope you have in this case.

Gaming is all about player experience. With good user experience, your game will thrive.

Our Full Range of Game Testing Services

Our extensive testing process is carried out by professional game testers that specialize in all kinds of devices such as PC, mobile, console and AR/VR, so that you can be sure your users can enjoy an enriching gaming experience.

Perform game testing for a seamless gaming experience!

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