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As certified developers for PlayStation, Xbox, and Nintendo, with over 10 years of experience, Starloop Studios has delivered several solid console titles through full development. In addition, we’ve provided comprehensive art and programming service support to clients. Being a leading console game development company, our game developers can blend the right strategy with the requisite skills and ensuring a successful delivery. We are here to help you save resources and solve any production challenges.

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Whether you need assistance on conceptualization, story development, design, UI/UX, or full-stack console game development, we’ve got you covered. At Starloop Studios, we endeavour to build exciting games that people want to play. Our developers are passionate players themselves, so they can understand the mindset of your players and create a successful console game for our clients.


Starloop Studios is proud to be part of Magic Media, an ambitious international group, providing a diverse range of flexible and cutting-edge services to the games and entertainment industry. Our full complement of game development services will join a diverse and quality range of flexible offerings, including cybersecurity, software development, video production, VFX, art and animation, and more. Our vision is to continue with a stronger, more collaborative, and more inclusive working culture.

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Console gaming is all about user interaction and gameplay and we exhibit our talents for creating finely tuned user experience in all our games developed so far. Whether it’s action, arcade, adventure, simu-lation, or strategy, we can take it on and provide what you need.

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We’ve designed and developed tons of exciting titles that make gameplay fun for everyone.

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We work with all the latest game development tools and platforms to help you build stunning games with superior graphic rendering, sound, animation, and display. Our team is highly competent in

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Why Starloop Studios

Our team of 150+ software engineers, artists and designers have immense experience in developing games for more than 13 years. They are aware of all the trends and keep an eye on innovation to provide our clients with the best solutions.


Why outsource console game development services?2022-05-25T11:59:08+01:00

Outsourcing video games means delegating various development tasks to external studios, artists and developers. From 2D or 3D animation to character design, audio creation, programming, QA testing and more, outsourcing can cover any and all of your development needs.

Full cycle development includes three major productive stages: pre-production, production and post-production. Each of these, especially the production stage, requires large and highly skilled teams. Outsourcing helps to overcome many of the challenges associated with the cost and talent requirements.

Outsourcing is essential for the modern-day video game industry. It has become a fundamental practice to keep in business, get new concepts, and compete with current and new generation gaming developments. With the growth of competition, outsourcing video games is commonplace as a method of reducing costs and creating next-level games. Due to the vast advantages that come with it, even huge companies like Ubisoft have admitted to outsourcing aspects of their gaming projects.

Are graphics better on PC or console?2022-05-25T11:58:32+01:00

A PC offers better graphics, more upgrade options, and a greater variety of video games than consoles. Likewise, these video games are generally cheaper, not only in their final price, but also in their creation and development.

A console is better in a marathon than a sprint. Maintaining a high-end PC is an expensive endeavour. A console will perform better for longer for the average user. While developing a console game is more expensive, its platform is far more affordable and accessible. In previous generations, graphically, the consoles would fall short. But this gap is shortening significantly as consoles take huge leaps of performance and quality with each generation.

What are the tools used for console game development?2022-05-25T11:57:36+01:00

The most common tools to develop video games for consoles are Unity and Unreal. They are combined with specific applications for creation of characters and environments, setting development and level design.

What programming language does Xbox use?2022-05-25T11:56:29+01:00

The most high-end games played on consoles, like Xbox and PlayStation, utilize C++. C++ is also the language used for Unreal Engine and CryEngine. These are the two most advanced game engines available.

What is the 5 stages of console game development?2022-05-25T11:55:18+01:00

The 5 stages in the development of a video game can be applied to mobile, computer or console games. They are:

  • Prototyping
  • Progress
  • Ship
  • Watch
  • Repeat
What is console game development?2022-05-25T11:54:06+01:00

The development of video games for consoles is similar to those for other platforms. The challenges of this process are linked to the development code and the needs of each console. It is also important to consider all steps from the beginning such as storytelling, setting and characters, production, realization and monetization. The developer must be used to these types of processes and tasks, something that happens in Starloop. As certified developers for PlayStation, Xbox and Nintendo, with over 10 years’ experience, Starloop Studios has delivered many console titles through full development.

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