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Starloop Studios has extensive experience with several formats. We can take your existing game vision and expand it to many platforms. Experienced in 16+ gaming platforms. Dedicated to every detail. Transparent in what we say and do. Discover why we are a trusted partner for many of the most respected publishers in the industry.

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Why Game Porting?

The popularity and the growth of the video game industry have propelled the sales of video games worldwide, and as of 2020, the industry is said to be worth approximately 90 billion dollars. This popularity has driven video games to be played on different platforms and on various devices, which is why the demand and need for game porting services have also drastically increased.

Game porting poses a lot of cost benefits for both developers and for the eventual customers. It allows users a lot of flexibility and convenience in their usage while translating into a lesser cost and cost savings for both parties.

How Can We Help

Starloop Studios can take your projects to any platform. Our experience on Unreal Engine and Unity has allowed us to develop a great capacity and agility when approaching the porting to consoles of various projects. We handle all the issues of cross-platform porting, designing systems that look and work the same across all environments.

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We are certified developers

for PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series, and Switch.

How We Work

Starloop Studios can port existing games and apps to new platforms and operating systems using better technologies as Unity or Unreal Engine with C++ or C#.


high level plan for the whole project.


Review high level plan for the project, with special attention to Pre-Alpha and the Alpha milestones.


  • Final report/TDD summarising results of game engine evaluation.
  • Basic porting of platform dependent engine features.
  • Basic, functioning launcher that allows you to choose between the 2 games and opens the first scene for both of them.


  • Games can be played normally without missing any features.
  • Games playing from start to finish with no progression bugs and 100% open for test by client’s QA.
  • Save/Load implemented and functional.
  • Game satisfies the level of agreed stability (playable for 10 hours with no crashes).


  • Platform-dependant online features implemented.
  • Multiple region support.
  • Fully submissions compliant.


  • All optimization work is done.
  • Size is optimized to fit on physical disks.
  • All critical bugs are fixed.


  • Code approved by 1st party for manufacture.
  • Bug fixing for any issues


Complete source code of the game, engine, and tools, including all supporting documentation.

Key Platforms & Technology

The choice of a particular technology and platform depends on the requirements for your project. Starloop Studios has a large expert base of state-of-the-art and relevant technologies with advanced port games, and we are constantly developing our knowledge and skills in them. We are you partner with console and PC games ported to Android or iOS or video game port ( PlayStation, Xbox, Wii or Switch ).

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Why Starloop Studios

Our team is best known for accurately adapting titles across multiple platforms. Our adaptations feel like they were originally made for the target platform. No compromises, just cutting-edge results.

You can save more than 30% compared to the cost of maintaining an in-house team. You do not have to assume the costs of hiring, obtaining kits, training, administration, and other derivative costs.

Why choose Starloops as Game development company
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Starloop Studios has all the tools and certificates to port your games to Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and PlayStation 4. Also, shortly we will have the possibility of porting to the next-gen consoles: PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series.

Transparency is something we adhere to. We strictly stick to transparent communication and ensure complete satisfaction with gaming projects.

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We guarantee the timely delivery of your project. This is a fundamental element that makes us a trusted choice for global clients.

Some of our games have 100 million+ downloads and worked with ranging startups to Fortune 500 companies.

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