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Starloop Studios has extensive experience with several formats. We can take your existing game vision and expand it to many platforms. Experienced in 16+ gaming platforms. Dedicated to every detail. Transparent in what we say and do. Discover why we are a trusted partner for many of the most respected publishers in the industry.

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Why Game Porting?

Venture into the exciting world of game porting with Starloop Studios, where we enable your games to transcend platform boundaries and reach broader audiences. With our specialized game porting services, we ensure your game performs consistently across multiple platforms, delivering the same compelling gaming experience to a wider user base.

Our team of skilled developers adeptly handles game porting, optimizing your game to seamlessly transition across a variety of platforms, from consoles and PCs to mobile devices. Why game porting, you might ask? By broadening the platforms your game is available on, we open the doors to expanded player demographics, increasing your game’s visibility and potential for revenue growth.

Game porting involves intricate processes, but at Starloop Studios, we aim to make this journey smooth for you. Our rigorous quality assurance process ensures that ported games maintain the highest standards of performance and user experience across platforms. Through game porting, we don’t just expand your game’s reach, we extend its life, enabling it to engage players old and new, regardless of the platform they prefer.

Ready to unlock new audiences and extend the lifecycle of your game through game porting? Connect with Starloop Studios. Our specialized team adeptly navigates the complexities of platform transitions, enhancing your game’s potential in the gaming industry. Together, let’s bring your game to the fingertips of more players and take your gaming vision to new heights.

How Can We Help with ported games

Starloop Studios can take your projects to any platform. Our experience on Unreal Engine and Unity has allowed us to develop a great capacity and agility when approaching the porting to consoles of various projects. We handle all the issues of cross-platform porting, designing systems that look and work the same across all environments.

We are certified developers

Playstation, Xbox Series and Nintendo Switch.

How We Work

Starloop Studios can port existing games and apps to new platforms and operating systems using better
technologies as Unity or Unreal Engine with C++ or C#.

Key Platforms & Technology

The choice of a particular technology and platform depends on the requirements for your project. Starloop Studios has a large expert base of state-of-the-art and relevant technologies with advanced port games, and we are constantly developing our knowledge and skills in them. We are you partner with console and PC games ported to Android or iOS or video game port ( PlayStation, Xbox, Wii or Switch ).

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Why Starloop Studios

Our team of 150+ software engineers, artists and designers have immense experience in developing games for more than 12 years. They are aware of all the trends and keep an eye on innovation to provide our clients with the best solutions.


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Why outsource game porting?2022-05-16T07:53:52+01:00

If you need to transfer your video game to another platform, the best option is usually to outsource game porting services. This option offers several benefits:

  • Experience: The company in question offers experience in video game development as well as video game porting. They will know how to carry out the project without errors and with a guaranteed launch on the necessary platforms.
  • Efficiency: Your porting company’s technicians will perform all tasks for you, allowing you to focus on other, more pressing tasks and goals.
  • Saving time and money: As mentioned, outsourcing game porting saves time for you and your team. In addition, it also allows them to save money, as the process can be long and costly while discovering its steps and difficulties. An outsourcing team has the experience to perform these tasks in an efficient, competitive and economical way.
What is involved in game porting?2022-05-16T07:52:44+01:00

It is a complex process that requires a lot of experience and time. Of course, along each step, various challenges can be encountered. First, game developers have to make the game “run” on the target platform. Sometimes, the original tools they use do not support the new platform, so the code must be rewritten in another language that is accepted by the platform.

The next step is to add proper graphics support, which involves extracting the graphics calls to a standard interface for all platforms. This is effectively seeing how the game performs and where it needs changing for the new platform. Once the new graphics settings are set, game developers need to work on the performance. There are various challenges in this step, such as CPU performance, shaders throughput, fill rate, etc.

After solving these issues, the controls need to be tweaked for the new platform, and the interface must be adapted to the size of the new screen. The resolution must also be changed, and the text on the screen must be checked to fit well. Each platform has its checklist of certification requirements that the game must comply with. These are just a few of the challenges that porting developers encounter.

What is video game porting?2022-05-16T07:51:50+01:00

By porting, we mean adapting a completed version of the game from one platform to another. Following the porting process, the game will run natively and smoothly on the new platform according to its new specifications. Depending on the target platform, the goal is to ensure that the game runs as smoothly as the original or, in cases of a more powerful platform, improve upon the original performance.

What kind of platforms are most ported?2022-10-02T08:55:33+01:00

📱 Games ported to Android from pc or console 🖥️ Games ported to pc from console and mobile
🎮 Games ported to Nintendo Switch from 3ds, Wii 📱 Best games ported to mobile from pc and consoles
📱 Games ported to IOS from computer, console 🎮 Mobile and pc games ported to console
🎮 Games ported to PS5 from PSP, PS2, PS3, PS4 👓 Games ported to VR
🎮 Other platforms as 3ds, xbox

We carry out our porting games on all types of games such as Arcade, Old Games, Classics, Pokemon, Accion, Adventure, Puzzle, Role-Playing, Simulation, Strategy, Sports, Casual or Casino and much more!

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