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Starloop Studios believes in cooperation among industry peers and setting global best practices. That is why we created a series of free e-books, tackling challenges, opportunities, projects and services from the Gaming Industry.

Guide to Understanding NFT Gaming E-book

There is a rapid growth of the NFT gaming world as cryptocurrency, blockchains, and NFTs are becoming increasingly accepted and normal in every industry. Despite its popularity, it’s still quite a difficult and complicated topic to dive into. But as Starloop Studios prides itself on making complicated things easy, we decided to step up to the plate and help those interested.

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Learning Unreal Engine 5 Game Development E-book

Unreal Engine 5 is the latest game engine in Epic Games’ toolset for next-generation games and entertainment. Offering creators the ability to work with groundbreaking real-time 3D content, it opens the doors to a new world of content and development.

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Game Co-Development: Improve Communication Across Development Teams E-book

While a game development partner may assume full responsibility for engineering and delivering the necessary gameplay experience to your player audience, it should be done in a way that leverages your brand while conveying the original game concept. Before you are ready to introduce communicating as a valued asset to a team, you must first study strategies, master principles, and practice. Read this e-book and it will help you build fruitful co-development relationship.

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Full-Cycle Game Production: Reduce Risks and Costs by Outsourcing Your Games E-book

The social gaming industry is exploding in tandem with the rise of smartphones. The market for Android and iOS game production is expanding. Most in-house businesses come up with innovative gameplay innovations or concepts but lack the experience to make games. Outsourcing game production is the only solution to this issue.

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7 Technical Tips for Porting Your Game to Next-Gen Consoles E-book

Not sure if porting to console is worth it? Any developer, indie, or AAA will have to deal with this at some stage. While developing or porting your own console game, each platform has its own unique approaches, requirements, and challenges...

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Video Ads The Key to Monetizing Gaming Apps E-book

Game Video Ads are any digital that contain video, including in-banner and in-texts ads. They are an efficacious channel of communication to your audience and the customers. Comprehensively, they are online display advertisements with the major element of video in them.

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Best Practices in Live Game Operations E-book

Live Ops gives us the ability to optimize a game in real time and so it is all about being up to date, following trends and keeping the users entertained in the game for as long as possible. This means constantly providing new and exciting contents for the players.

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