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Starloop Studios, as part of the wider Magic Media group, believes in cooperation among industry peers. To this end, we want to help set best practices on a global scale and sharing knowledge is an intrinsic element of this. This is why we created a series of free e-books to help others tackle the challenges, opportunities, and diverse projects that the gaming industry has.

Starloop Studios Unreal Engine 5 Ebook

Unreal Engine 5 E-book

Unreal Engine 5 is at the forefront of game development, offering a user-friendly interface that caters to both novices and experienced developers. Its cross-platform capabilities ensure developers can target a wide array of devices, from mobile phones to high-end PCs, maximizing reach and player engagement.Key features of Unreal Engine 5 include advanced asset integration and a powerful visual engine that allow for the creation of visually stunning and immersive experiences. The enhanced physics engine not only adds a layer of realism to gameplay but also enriches interaction, making games feel more responsive and life-like.

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Unity Game Development E-book

Unity's game development revolution features a user-friendly interface, cross-platform reach, and advanced functionality. Its tools and asset integration enable the creation of visually compelling experiences, while its physics engine heightens gameplay realism. Unity's C# scripting supports complex game mechanics and advanced AI, offering developers the means to devise intricate gameplay systems. Its visual editor streamlines design and testing, conserving development time and refining the creative process.

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Game Porting E-book

Game porting is essential in expanding the reach of a video game and making it accessible to a broader audience. By adapting a game to run on different platforms and operating systems, developers can cater to players who use different devices and increase their potential customer base. Porting a game can also help to extend the game's lifespan, as it can be re-released on new platforms years after its original release. Moreover, successful game porting can boost a game's reputation and generate more revenue for the developer. In today's market, where players use a wide range of devices to play games, game porting is becoming increasingly important for developers to consider.

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Real-time VFX E-book

Visual effects (VFX) play a critical role in enhancing the immersive experience of video games. From realistic explosions and environmental effects to character animations and special powers, VFX bring life and excitement to virtual worlds. Advancements in technology have allowed for greater detail and interactivity in VFX, leading to more engaging gameplay. Want to learn more about VFX in gaming? Check out our e-book VFX in Gaming: An In-Depth Look at the Creation and Implementation of Visual Effects in Video Games.

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