game porting

Game porting is an essential practice for expanding an existing video game’s reach by introducing it to new audiences on a diverse range of platforms. Adapting a game to run efficiently on other platforms means that a wider range of players can experience it in new and novel ways. Porting games means increasing their lifecycle by bringing them to new platforms, often with performance improvements, new content, and fresh gameplay experiences. In today’s market, game porting is more important than ever for developers to have several revenue streams and boost the game and studio’s reputation. Game porting is undoubtedly a cornerstone of Starloop Studios and the wider Magic Media group’s game development service offerings.


Game porting is the art of transferring a game from one platform to another, with the goal of delivering a seamless gaming experience on the target platform.

The process involves several technical challenges, such as optimising the game’s graphics to take advantage

of the target platform’s capabilities, re-coding platform-specific features, and ensuring compatibility with the target platform’s hardware and operating system.

Transforming a game from one platform to another is a challenging task, but the reward is a smooth and enjoyable gaming experience for players.

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