CONSOLE GAME DEVELOPMENT: Tips for Developing & Porting Games to Consoles E-book

Starloop’s experience with console game development and console game porting is a long story, originating with the creation of the company. No matter the console game, Xbox, PlayStation, Nintendo, Starloop has experience with almost every platform.

As a console game development studio, with a strong focus on game porting, we wanted to deliver something interesting for those in the industry. And for those who want to avail of such services. In this e-book, you will find reasons on why you might choose to develop or port to consoles, the challenges of console game porting, how our strategy is composed for console game porting, and more!

Why Developing & Porting Games to Console?

The big question we hear a lot is, why console? This is more of a business and marketing question, rather than a developer one.

It all comes down to the accessibility and popularity of a platform. If you are seeking the most widespread platform, in both popularity and accessibility, then console is your best bet.

Things you will learn from this e-book

  • Why Console?
  • Console Differences
  • Challenges of Console Game Development
  • How to implement effective game porting and console game development?
  • Performance Profiling
  • IL2CPP Scripting Backend
  • Plugins
  • Submission Requirements
  • Testing

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