Hello Kitty’s Merge Town

Game Co-Development – Case Study

Hello kitty’s Merge Town

Explore the wonderful world of Hello Kitty’s Merge Town! Meet and interact with all the characters you know and love! Can you help Kitty through the mystery and restore her town? Hello Kitty Merge Town is a merging puzzle game created by FunCraft. Full of the notable characters from Hello Kitty, players will discover, learn, and merge their way to victory. Whether playing for a long or short time, players will be able to relax and enjoy this easy to learn puzzle game.


The Starloop team were contracted by FunCraft to create the VFX, implement art, and handle some design and programming elements. Our designers had to ensure that the items players received were put out at the right times, not unbalancing the flow of progression. The game’s base code was also more akin to a website than game code, which required some learning. In addition, the team had to engage with full documentation. Finally, some art assets didn’t meet the project standards or were corrupt, which we had to address.


Our programmers created their own tool to test individual item cases. Instead of having to play through to test the case, this tool allowed them to easily engage with each item. To deal with the coding differences, we took extra time to get familiar with the code. With the large game size, our team worked to trim its size to ensure as much optimization as possible. Finally, we implemented a technical guide for art assets and put our own artists onto the project to create some key assets we required.


The client was very happy with our final delivery of the game. We provided a comprehensive report three months before delivery. They were particularly happy with our game designer, who took time to take in their requests and suggestions at the beginning of the project. They were also delighted to see their game completed and in action. Finally, they were thankful to have a company, like Starloop, to support and execute their dream project.


Key Facts

  • Client: FunCraft
  • Platform: Released in November 2021 on iOS & Android

  • Technology: Unity