Hello Guest

Game Porting – Case Study

Hello guest

Hello Guest is the sequel to the critically acclaimed Stealth Horror Game, Hello Neighbour. Now set in a ramshackle and abandoned amusement park, players must pit themselves against an advanced, self-learning AI. Players must keep a wary eye out as this unknown, hooded, and cloaked, creeping creature lurks in the shadows. Players must set about their tasks through the eerie park and survive its mysterious hunt. Just do your job, what could go wrong?


Our team set about porting the Hello Guest demo from PC onto iOS (mobile and iPad) and Xbox One. Built on UE4, the initial issues comprised high memory/RAM usage, high CPU usage causing low framerates, some audio issues, and the iOS control scheme needed a solution.The RAM issue was so severe on iOS that the game would crash before reaching the menu. In addition, dynamic lighting needed to be tweaked for the lower spec consoles and iOS devices.


The memory issue was solved by lowering the level of detail on assets. We tweaked animations and reduced the grass density to help CPU and RAM draw. We also removed special FX from the camera which was causing CPU issues on iOS. We compressed and tweaked the audio and switched to static lights where possible. Finally, we adapted a control scheme to iOS. Some mechanics required multiple inputs, such as using a fire extinguisher to hover. Instead of requiring inputs, if the item is equipped, it will be used at the right time.


Our work was monitored and approved by members of the TinyBuild team and successfully submitted to Microsoft and Apple. Our work with Tiny Build was with a programmer and producer who ensured we were staying on track on all avenues of the game. The work was conducted from June/July and delivered in September, and we returned in December to work on some tweaks following an update. The team were happy with our work, having provided consistent feedback and assistance throughout.


Key Facts

  • Downloads: 600,000