Today marks a new horizon as Starloop joins the Magic Media & Entertainment Group. We’re delighted to add our experience and expertise to the expanding and growing team that now spans the globe. With the support of the Magic Media group, we can enhance our full suite of services for the gaming and entertainment industries.

Our company now stands as part of a team that is over five hundred strong, based in ten countries worldwide. Our full complement of game development services will join a diverse and quality range of flexible offerings, including cybersecurity, software development, VFX, art and animation, and more. Magic Media aims to increase the talent capacity across the group, and we are happy to be a part of that aim. Our vision is to continue with a stronger, more collaborative, and more inclusive working culture.

With the support of Magic Media, we stand to make more of a difference. We now have access to worldwide influence and resources, allowing us to meet any project head on. Thanks to this collaboration and our part in the group, we’re able to offer a greater range of gaming services and assist on even larger projects.

In return, we stand as another limb of expertise and experience for the Magic Media group and its partners. We are excited to see where this partnership takes us. Our reach and capacity to contribute to the gaming industry at large has landed directly at the global stage.

We can’t wait to show you what we’ll do next.

Starloop Studios is proud to be part of the Magic Media group, an international group specialising in entertainment and gaming industry services. Our wide range of offerings includes VFX, blockchain gaming, game art services, and more. Reach out today to avail of our expertise and A-Z services for your projects.


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