Who would have thought ten years ago how far online video marketing will go? So far as to surpass TV advertising. Technological advances have led to creating high-performance phones, tablets, and computers that have changed users’ habits to spend time online. More and more people have started consuming video content, and companies, understanding this trend, have begun to create more video time ads. Thus, the video advertising segment’s ad spending is projected to reach the US $ 14,732m in 2021.

Why will mobile video ads trends in 2021 be increasing?

In the coming years, it is expected that mobile phone technology will be one of the main factors that will influence the video ads trends. The processing power of mobile devices and 5G connection speed will allow companies to create increasingly effective and attractive video content. In this category, we can include live broadcasting, VR videos, or 360° panoramas.

The growth of mobile technology will boost the development of the video game industry as well. In recent years it has been proven that some of the most effective types of ads are in-game video ads. An example of that kind of video ads is when players have to watch a video ad to continue playing their favorite game. Thus, publishers keep the application free for users while monetizing their games.

Another reason for video ad trends will increase on mobile devices is that the average time spent by American adults on the phone has grown so much that it has become the majority of their media consumption. For the first time, US consumers spend more time using their mobile devices than watching TV; more precisely, American users spend 3 hours and 43 minutes daily, just above the 3:35 spent on TV.

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Not only the time spent on mobile has increased, but also the number of people who use mobile phones for internet access. For example, last year, 274.7 million people from the United States accessed the internet through any mobile device, and in 2023 this figure is projected to amount to over 295 million. Currently, 83% of the American population is mobile phone users with the internet. So it’s no wonder that video ad trends will be increasing in 2021.

How much do companies invest in video ads?


Video ads and playable ads are in high demand at the moment, and to cover the market needs, the publishers have started to create video ads that appear before or during the video content. Advertising expenditure on online video is expected to rise from US $ 45bn in 2020 to US $ 61bn by 2021 at an average rate of 18% a year, compared to 10% a year for internet advertising as a whole. By the end of 2021, it’s estimated that video ad trends will rise to the equivalent of a third of the entire TV market, up from a quarter this year.

Video ads have already become something ordinary for users, so it’s to be expected that they will only react to those video ads that stand out and are relevant to them.

Most player-friendly video games ads in 2021

In the video game industry, both consumers and publishers’ most popular video ads are rewarded video. Players like this type of video ads because they always receive something after watching them (extra lives, currency, points, etc.), and publishers prefer the reward video ads because they are very effective and deliver excellent results. According to some studies, players who watch this type of video ads are six times more willing to make an in-app purchase.

In 2021, this type of video ad continues to be in trend in publishers’ choice due to the visibility rate and CTRs that rewarded video offers. It is also essential that consumers do not perceive them as disruptive and prefer them to the detriment of interstitial ads.

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Example of rewarded video ad

Best video ad networks for publishers in 2021

If you plan to use video ads in your promotion strategy, it is essential to know which are the best ad networks in 2021. First of all, video ad networks primarily serve two types of video ads: Instream and Outstream.

Instream video ads are those that play on a publisher’s video content. For example, if you want to watch a video on Youtube, the ad that appears before the video is an instream ad. In comparison with it, out-stream video ads are independent of a publisher’s content. These ads often “pop up” in the content or elsewhere on the page (usually are found in-content or in the sidebar).

To find the best video ad networks for publishers in 2021, reviews and forums are a valuable source of information. Below is a list of the main video ad networks that publishers will collaborate within 2021.

  1. Teads
  2. OpenX
  3. VerizonMedia
  4. Pro
  5. Taboola
  6. SelectMedia
  7. Primis
  8. AppNexus
  9. SpotX
  10. Unruly

Incorporate video ads into your 2021 marketing strategy.

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