When you want to pitch a video game, you want everything to be perfect. A video game pitch is an opportunity to present your game in the best light to investors, publishers, or stakeholders. When it comes to trying to create an idea for a game, you first have to take a deep look at what are you going to pitch – that means reading through the request for proposal. The most important thing when you pitch a video game is to understand what the target audience is expecting from you. In order to impress them and for your video game pitch to reach its goal, you need to know some basic concepts. Usually, creating a PowerPoint presentation is the most used video game pitch method. To catch the attention of your audience, the presentation must be compelling, contain attractive visuals that make them curious and interested. Also, in the content of your video game pitch, you need to provide insights, explain why you made certain design choices (especially the ones that may deviate most from what the audience originally imagined), narrate how you expect players to interact and react to the game, and show you put thought and effort into developing this pitch.


First: know your audience. To know exactly what information to put in your video game pitch, you need to know who you are addressing. For example, your presentation could be attended by the head of the production who wants to know if your team is competent to make the game, the marketing director wants explanations why your game could be interesting, the technologist wants to know the technical way how to create the game, and the project manager wants to know the total costs.

Tip: Everyone has their own expectations, so be sure that your video game pitch will address them all.

Generating ideas. You need to be able to iterate quickly over different game ideas, so what you’re going to do here is to create a filter through which to pass all ideas. Here is where the brainstorming areas usually happen: try to mix and match ideas and to go with any of them that could fit into the game. Then you pass the ideas through the filter itself.


Content balance. When you pitch a video game, make sure your slides are not full of text. There will be no time to read the whole text, and they will not find it interesting anyway. Also, you don’t want the presentation to contain only images and graphics, no text. At some point, people will need information so it’s good to keep a balance between the two. You can see below a good example that keeps this balance.

Content order. One thing you need to keep in mind when you pitch a video game is to have in mind a really well-constructed idea about the game. You need this in order to be able to convey the idea in a structured way so that the audience understands the message correctly.

Tip: Start with the obvious, build bit by bit, and re-read your whole pitch over and over, and make sure it’s understandable from the bottom up.

The main content sections that you like to put into your video game pitch.

  • Game Outline: Give an overview of what the game is, what it is trying to accomplish, and explain how it is going to face the challenges. Write 1 or 2 short paragraphs and include images.
  • Fact Sheet: A breakdown of the hard facts that put the game in context.
  • References / Competitors: Write about what other games are similar, what is borrowed from them, and what you are improving.
  • USP: Make a bullet list of what makes your game unique. Doesn’t have to be a long list, just around 3-4 points will suffice.
  • Core Mechanics: Explain what are the game mechanics, how they help the game achieve its goal, and how will they play out.
  • Metagame / Progression Systems: Explain why will players keep playing the game and how does this system connect with core gameplay and theme.
  • Core Loop: Write about how core mechanics and metagame progressions system connect. You can use a simplified graphic representation.
  • Game Economy: Make a brief description of how the game economy will work, how it will evolve with game cycles, and how it will affect the gameplay experience.
  • Monetization: Start by describing the monetization strategy of the game and also, describe each monetization area. It would be very useful to provide examples .


Be confident. There are a few things to keep in mind during your video game pitch. Such as: to convey trust. Do not hesitate to send your ideas with confidence, because the client may think that the idea is not so good. Show the audience that you believe in the product and that you come up with a great proposal, but also show you’re open to their suggestions.

Create dialogue. When you pitch your video game, make sure it is not a kind of monologue. Don’t wait for the end of the presentation to get feedback, but talk directly to them and ask them questions during the presentation. In this way, you will keep their attention and learn about their impression. You will be able to adjust your speech according to what they want to hear and the results will be great.

Ask for Questions. To make sure everything was so clear, it is necessary to ask the audience questions to get extra feedback and encourage proactivity. Do a short recap, and then answer the audience’s questions.

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