The video game industry is growing more and more, so gamers’ expectations regarding game desing are getting higher. To meet the new standards, publishers need professional teams to create outstanding video games.

Having a good team to make a video game is probably the most important element that ensures a project’s success. Creating a video game requires professional people to cover everything from programming, game art, design to project management, sound engineering, and marketing.

4 Reasons to hire professionals to make your video game

Indeed, creating an excellent team is not easy, but you are already halfway there if this is done from the beginning.  For those who want a head-to-tail video game or just some game art solutions, a profitable alternative is hiring companies that offer outsourcing services. This solution has some incomparably good advantages than if you chose to create an in-house video game.

Outsourcing development involves delegating certain processes and tasks necessary to develop a game to a third-party company specializing in these activities. A huge advantage is that an outsourced game development studio already has the latest technology and professionals who already have experience in the field and do not need additional training.

A studio that offers outsourcing services assumes full responsibility for designing a game that provides an engaging experience to players while conveying the brand’s idea and concept through that game. To choose the right company to outsource the creation of a video game, you can check their portfolio and see if they can understand and translate your vision into the video game. Finding the right outsource studio can bring huge long-term benefits.

1. Optimize time and check if your project is viable

Because an outsourcing studio already has a whole team of artists, designers, programmers, producers, and project managers, you will save a lot of time by avoiding recruiting and training staff. You will be able to use the time you gain to improve your business and increase your income.

Also, before you start the whole development process, you need to test the video game’s viability. It is not advisable to skip this step because there is a possibility of reaching the middle of the project and realizing that your idea cannot be implemented. A team of professionals makes things easy through game prototyping, which is an early stage in game development that is meant to test the game mechanics, solve problems and see if your plan works. Starloop Studios has created a ton of concepts and prototypes on different platforms, so we know exactly how to make this phase effective in every way.

2. Financial savings that you can invest in your company

Can you save money in your company while making a video game? Yes, hiring an outsourcing game development studio. The main reason why a company chooses to outsource a video game is to save money. By collaborating with a team of already trained professionals, you no longer spend money on the payment of human resources and their training. Also, the costs of purchasing the technology you need to create the video game can be avoided if you choose to work with an outsourced game studio.

Simultaneously, during the project, various challenges may arise, requiring additional financial resources to be solved. A team of professionals takes full responsibility for completing the project, so it is much more cost-effective to hand over their entire operation to them. Thus you can invest the money from your company’s savings in new phases of the video game or new projects.

3. Have the best professionals to develop your video game

From creating the concept to launching the game and marketing plan, you need a team of programmers, artists, designers, cartoonists, marketing experts, advertising experts, project managers, engineers, and financial professionals. Each team member must perform his own tasks to create and develop the video game, so teamwork, good communication, shared vision, and exceptional skills must not be missing. The good part is that outsourcing studio teams do this all the time, so these skills come bundled with the signing of the service contract.

When the best professionals understand the video game’s vision and purpose and dedicate their skills to achieving the goal, the project has every chance to succeed. A team’s idea is for each member to contribute their expertise, which covers another member’s limitations and vice versa. Therefore, in an outsourcing game studio, you will find various skill sets to cover your project’s needs.

For example, the game designers are chargeable for creating the game character, graphics, roles, voices, visuals, and graphics-related work. A programmer writes codes within the game and allows the user to make them relatable to normal life; a level designer is a person who creates different levels and designs them. Each member has a well-established role, so if you choose to work with a team of professionals, you have every chance of your video game being successful.

4. The company will also manage the marketing campaign for your video game

After the video game is released, the marketing strategy is vital to make your game known and monetize your game. The most popular games in the industry have become famous because they have invested a lot in promoting their game; some have invested even more in creating the game itself. So we can get an idea of ​​how essential the promotion part is.

A team of professionals will know exactly what your marketing campaign should include to generate greater conversion rates and build revenues for your game. Some of the marketing strategies to scale up your app game that outsourced game development will help you implement will be Google and Facebook ads, alliance with professional players, campaigns with influencers, or Twitch stream.

One of the most famous video game advertising campaigns was in 2012 the game Call of Duty: Black Ops II, which sold over 5.6 million units in 24 hours and grossed $ 1 billion in a month and a half. In addition to many other marketing tactics implemented, Activision partnered with two ad firms, 72andSunny and The Ant Farm, to create several teaser trailers and a documentary feature and also, collaborated with popular YouTube channel FPS RUSSIA.

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