Live game management is an essential but challenging part of the game development process. The time when it was enough to create and launch a video game is over. Nowadays, a video game must meet many requirements to be successful, such as the integration of Live Ops. These have become an indispensable part of any Free-to-Play game, so they must be well planned for the game’s continuous positive evolution.

To ensure that players regularly receive exciting content, all AppStore games with the most important revenue have integrated live options. Due to well-executed live game management, these games reached the top of the list and had a lifecycle well beyond launch.

What are the live service games?

Live game services consist of improvements to the game after it launched, such as cosmetic enhancements, weekend events, a limited-time offer, etc. These can be divided into new content, new features, community management, events, promotions, and problem management.

Live game services focus on the player’s entire life cycle, from the video game’s discovery to its abandonment. The primary role of creating live game ops is to lead to the existing player base’s monetization, increase that base, ensure the game’s general health, and keep it attractive, popular, and fresh. The results of the live service games are measured according to specific parameters to standard games development work. Depending on these KPI, game developers must continuously adjust their actions for a continuous improvement of services.

Some examples of live operations integrated into the game are new content, such as weapons, outfits, characters, and maps. On the other hand, eliminating what harms the game is also part of live service games.

The events and promotions introduced through live game ops aim to produce enthusiasm and curiosity even for players who have abandoned the game. Due to these live events or offers, players can be persuaded to return to the game.

Some examples of games that have had well-executed live game services and have led to a long life cycle are Clash of Clans, Candy Crush, and 8-Ball Pool, which have lasted at the very top of the mobile game charts. Other games examples that have benefited from ongoing engagement with their active communities are World of Tanks, League of Legends, or even Minecraft.

What has been the role of gamers in improving live games?

Bugs are inevitable, but the technical team needs to be able to manage and fix them. It often happens that players discover errors and provide real-time feedback on what is not working effectively in online events, promotions, or newly implemented features. Based on this feedback, be they glitches or communicate complaints about problematic community members who are ruining others’ experience, the developers are continually working on UX optimization. It is their responsibility to re-evaluate the game’s evolutions according to specific parameters and intervene immediately when a bug comes to the surface.

Some of the most common glitches and bugs are freezing, hanging, or crashing. These interrupt the game and are usually triggered by an incomplete program or a hardware problem. The game can also be hindered by graphics glitches, which incorrectly display an object or character’s image.

Another type of error that can be encountered is in-game purchase issues, such as unable to complete the process, charged failed purchase, unwanted pending charges, and more. These bugs can waste players’ money or hinder them from advancing through purchasing items or contents. To fix these errors, you need a very qualified technical team, so it is helpful to consider outsourcing these services. Also, this decision would allow the game support team comes in handy to help you maintain better player experiences.

Through a constant change process, the technical team you choose must maintain and improve the entire game ecosystem. This is a continuous process in which you adjust, interact with players, update to a great live gaming experience.

Live Game Operations: how does Starloop help you with your live game?

To execute live game operations, you need a scalable team with a clear understanding of the work scope required for games with communities in the market. Starloop Studios offers you the full support and infrastructure needed after the game launches so that the players’ experience would be at the highest level.

Our team does not require additional training because our top specialists already have the necessary expertise to ensure your game of live game management. Incorporating live operations into your game through Starloop Studios will increase the game’s lifecycle and player loyalty. Also, if you choose to outsource your live game services, you can save up to 40%, compared to the costs required for internal development.

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Quality control and testing for your games.

QA teams role is not only to identify bugs, although this is the central part of their work. They provide early feedback on design, art, and UI, so they became more capable and technically specialized.

Quality control, testing, and game updates have become a challenge due to the games’ technical complexity, so the value of QA specialized teams has increased more and more.

Also, the players’ expectations regarding the quality of the games have increased lately, as they became more critical. So, the QA team must ensure that the final product satisfies any all requirements placed upon it.

We analyze your game and test it before releasing it.

Before releasing your game, it is essential to ensure that all aspects of graphics, coding, and design are checked. Starloop Studios can analyze your game from all angles to make sure everything is in place before launch.

Also, to maintain the players’ interest, our Starloopians can help you implement new mechanics in the game, analyze player responses, active listening to players and their feedback, and analyze user experience.

Start creating your live game

To turn a mediocre game into a successful one, you need to generate fun and engaging content for your audience and enhancing game stability. With over ten years of experience in the video game industry, Starloop Studios can offer you the expertise gained over all these years and the support of an entire game specialist team.

We can help you with all Live Ops like server administration, QA and testing, game analytics, A/B testing, game promotion and user acquisition, monetization and development of the game world, and community support.

Starloop Studios is proud to be part of the Magic Media group, an international group specialising in entertainment and gaming industry services. Our wide range of offerings includes VFX, blockchain gaming, game art services, and more. Reach out today to avail of our expertise and A-Z services for your projects.

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