Live Game Operations

Running a game as a service means Starloop Studios made an implicit promise that it’s available to play whenever players expect it to be. We ensure we deliver on that promise, while pursuing uncompromising quality, on the bleeding edge of technology.

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Why Outsourcing Live Game Operations

A primary reason to incorporate live operations into your game is to extend the title’s lifecycle well beyond launch. Which means that live ops are all the more important, since that’s what maximizes player and retention, session length and/or depth, and more.

Expertise Without Training Requirements

Outsourcing gives you immediate access to our top-level LiveOps Starloopians who don’t need additional training. If you want your game to succeed, quality is a must.

Financial Savings & High Level of Efficiency

You can save 40% or more compared to the cost of in-house development. You don’t have to bear any additional costs associated with recruitment and employment. You pay only for the actual time our LiveOps Starloopians work on your project.

How We Work

Starloop Studios can maintain and generate new content for your existing games. Updating games, elaborating fun and engaging content for your audience and enhancing games stability are our key points to make a game successful.

Key Platforms & Technology

The choice of a particular technology and platform depends on the requirements for your project. Starloop Studios has a large expert base of state-of-the-art and relevant technologies with advanced port games, and we are constantly developing our knowledge and skills in them. We are you partner with console and PC games ported to Android or iOS or video game port ( PlayStation, Xbox, Wii or Switch ).


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