There are a multitude of reasons as to why you should hire a Unity game developer. As one of the leading game engines on the market, it is both easily accessible, hugely modular, and offers a vast array in regard to quality. If you want to develop a low-tech, simple, and artistic gaming experience, Unity has you covered. Want a AAA-quality game that challenges players with unique gameplay and puzzles? Unity 3D can provide.

Unity for games is like a bag of treats. You can have any shape, size, colour, and flavour that you desire. As engines go, the Unity Engine is a foremost leader of the games’ industry for a reason.

Why Choose Unity for Game Development?

There’s a reason that Unity Engine and Unity 3D is a go to for most indie developers. As a real-time development platform, Unity 3D allows developers to create on over 20 platforms. The basics and well-known ones, like iOS, PlayStation, and Xbox, to even Android TV!

It is a comprehensive game development engine that can meet almost any game developer’s needs. One significant reason that Unity 3D is so popular, is because it’s free! For smaller developers and personal projects, the basic free licence means that the Unity Engine can be used free of charge. And it certainly has been used, reaching no doubt billions of devices in any given year.

One of the major selling points, alongside its accessible price, is that the Unity Engine is well known amongst developers. Unity 2D, Unity 3D, it’s often something most developers have a wealth of experience with. Whether personal or professional, there are few game developers who haven’t at least dabbled in the Unity Engine.

It’s a good engine for developers only beginning in their career. Unity for games is very much an easy to learn and difficult to master experience. It will give back as much as you put in and creating a Unity 2D game or a Unity 3D game will be rewarding due to its simplicity in development. It’s even reached the point where a person can develop a Unity game without needing to know how to code!

The modularity of the Unity Engine is one of its biggest selling points. It makes game easily ported from one platform to another. It has a huge and varied asset store – well stocked and always growing. And finally, the Unity Engine makes it easy to create and implement your own tools. Already well stocked with plugins and tools for game developers to use, Unity for games mean flexibility and freedom.

What does a Unity Game Developer do?

A Unity game developer is a specialised game developer or game designer with an expertise in the use of the Unity Engine. It’s more of a blanket term, as a game developer, designer, or programmer won’t just specialize in one engine.

The core responsibility of a Unity game developer is to build and create various Unity games for target audiences and platforms. Utilising their experience and background with Unity game development, a Unity game developer is responsible for one or multiple of the following:

  • Creating and implementing functionality
  • Translating design specifications into functioning mechanics
  • Designing, building, and maintaining code
  • Refining the performance, efficiency, and quality of the game’s systems

For a game studio, a Unity game developer is an expert in Java and C#. They are also usually very experienced with game physics, particle systems, and mobile game development and console game development. In addition, due to the versatility of the Unity Engine, experience in directly creating Unity 2D games and Unity 3D games is very useful.

Hire a Unity Game Development Studio

Just as there are many reasons to choose Unity for your game development, there are many reasons and benefits in hiring a dedicated Unity game development studio. Making a 3D game in Unity is not a simple task. Unity itself is an accessible game engine and having a Unity developer on hand is a huge benefit. But creating a game requires a lot of time and effort. And it’s compounded by the level of experience the game design and game development team are bringing to the table.

Outsourcing or co-developing with a dedicated development team, such as Starloop Studios, means a bespoke and custom-tailored solution for your game company. Starloop’s Unity development services are just as modular as Unity itself. Whether you need comprehensive full-cycle Unity game development, cross-platform development, Unity mobile development, co-development, or even VR Unity game development, Starloop can provide. By outsourcing this side of Unity development, you immediately gain access to a plethora of experts, talented professionals, and industry-leading experts.

That is the strength of hiring a Unity game development studio. It is a bespoke solution to fit your needs, resource budgets, and timetable. Outsourcing for game development has become something of a necessity for larger projects. And Starloop Studios are looking to make that process as painless as possible. Whether you need dedicated Unity developers or Unity programmers, Unity art, or full-scale Unity game development, we have a team ready and waiting.

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