The increase of video game players from the last years has led to significant changes in the mobile gaming industry. In 2020, the video game industry reached 159 billion US dollars, of which 77.2 billion were only in the mobile game industry. So it is understandable the great opportunity that investors have in front of them.

A role in the game industry’s growth is played by the advertisements that publishers have included in their growth strategy. Because the mobile games market competition is high, mobile ads have become one of the most effective tools to stand out in front of all competitors. Also, the development of smartphone technology that has led to the transition from the mobile web to apps has significantly changed the way advertisers perform ad delivery. The companies have introduced new formats of mobile video ads that are in line with the new user behavior.

What are mobile video ads?

Mobile video ads are a popular and effective app monetization strategy that publishers use to promote their games and increase revenues. Mobile video ads are very effective in ensuring better engagement. According to a study by the Interactive Advertising Bureau, it was found that mobile video ads have twice the click-through rate and three times better than classic banners and interstitial ads. Also, the video viewing rate is constantly increasing worldwide. This is the type of content most preferred by users.

To be as effective as possible, mobile video ads tend to be shorter due to the Social Media platforms where they are promoted. Some studies have shown that 88% of the 30-second video is watched in its entirety. The excellent part about mobile video ads is that they are easy to distribute. If they are well made and captivating, people tend to share them with friends, especially on Social Media channels.

The mobile video ad game aims to attract attention and get as many users as possible to download the game app. An effectively made video must convey to the player the desire to play the game. The purpose of a mobile video ad is to maximize installations. If the acquisition of users is at an affordable CPI, it means the mobile ads are efficient and well done.

Video ad made for the Best Casino Legend game, by Starloop Studios

Depending on the marketing strategy that game developers approach, they can create mobile video ads that focus on explaining the game, how it is played, and its features and benefits. It can be a short and interactive video game tutorial. Also, some video ads focused only on promoting the game’s features and did not necessarily show the game itself.

A very effective way to promote your gaming app is on Social Media channels – especially on Facebook, where the methods of targeting the audience are very well defined. On Social Media, it’s good to keep your mobile video ads short. Thus, people will tend to watch the whole video. It is recommended to capture attention quickly through a very captivating video start so that the first 3 seconds of the video must be the most convincing. Also, being video ads that are displayed on the mobile phone, it is good that they have a vertical or square format to cover as much of the screen as possible.

What formats of mobile advertising are there?

Before launching the campaign to promote your game app, you need to know the types of ads for mobile, how each works and how to select the right one. The most common mobile advertising formats are:

  • Interstitial Ads. These ads usually appear at crucial times while browsing, when the user opens pages or navigates between games. User intervention is required to close the ad. According to specialists, this type of ad is best placed within games with levels. It is recommended not to interrupt the game’s user experience, so the best time to appear mobile video ads is between the break between levels.
  • Video Ads. As with interstitial ads, in-app video placements must be in a natural break in users ’app journey. At best, they should be between 15 and 30 seconds. Because of the natural tendency to disrupt the user experience, publishers should consider revealing the video only after clicking on a banner.
  • Rewarded Video Ads. This type of mobile video ads offers users a reward after they watch the advertisement, such as gold coins, extra lives, etc. 52% of mobile game developers acknowledge that rewarded video ads are the most popular form of in-app advertising. Rewarded videos are among the most favorite ads, both by users and publishers. They should be creative and match the content.

mobile video ad

  • Expandable Ads. The expandable ads are a combination of banners and interstitial ads. It starts with a teaser banner and grows on the screen after the user clicks on it. These types of mobile ads have a high impact on users but must be limited because more interruptions will make the user close the application. In mobile applications, they are more willing to see a full-screen ad than to be directed to another website. Through action-driven expansion, the Expandable Ads allows publishers to gather more information and database about users.
  • Playable Ads. These mobile video ads are based on interactivity and stimulate the user to try the game before downloading it to buy it. This way, users will know how the application works before installing it. At the end of the mobile video ad, there is always a call to action that urges the player to download the application.
  • Native Ads. Native mobile ads uses paid ads that match the look, feel, and function of the media format in which they appear. For example, an ad for editing software placed in the middle of an editing tutorial can have excellent results if it’s done correctly.


Starloop: Mobile Video Ads for Gaming Apps

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