In the entertainment industry, video games have grown the fastest in recent years and continue to grow in the future. Nowadays, players have a wide range of options for the platform on which to play their favorite games. The top of the most loved gaming platforms are PCs, mobiles, and consoles, each with their own features, advantages, and disadvantages. Due to technological advances, players have a lot of captivating games to choose from for each platform. If they want casual gaming on the go, mobile is a perfect choice. Mobile games offer users the accessibility and convenience of playing video games on mobile whenever and wherever they like, during a break from work, on the train, or waiting in line. But if they want in-depth entertainment, console games are the winner.

Pros and cons of the computer video game market

PC games have been popular since the 2000s when the number of personal computers increased. As a result, the global digital PC games market is expected to grow from $ 5 billion in 2020 to $ 5.18 billion by the end of 2021. Also, the gaming industry is expected to reach $ 7.64 billion in 2025 at a CAGR of 10%.

To realize how much computer games have developed, think of the classic Solitaire and make a comparison with today’s state-of-the-art games such as Resident Evil Village, Hitman 3, Halo Infinite, or Age of Empires IV. The PC games  have integrated different features such as voice recognition, 3D gaming, GPS tracking, and many more to provide real-life experiences.

One of the success stories of a video game is Resident Evil, which, although it is in the 8th installment, has managed to remain captivating and keep the thing fresh. It balances survival-horror with the story and throws various enemies at you, from Lycans and vampires to zombies and changing up set pieces at a reasonable pace.


Excellent graphics: Of all the platforms, PC gamers are at the top in terms of graphics. PC gamers can choose the minimum graphics options to maximize frame per second (FPS) speeds.

Optimum gaming speed: Every gamer loves fast-running video games. Most video games can have sped up to 60 FPS or even go beyond that, depending on the PC hardware build.

Cheaper video games: This is one of the advantages that players love. They are often half the prices of the console versions, and most of the time, there are discounts on different gaming store platforms like Steam, Blizzard, or GOG.


Constant hardware upgrades: Many gamers want to have the highest quality game on the PC, but you must always buy the latest hardware to do this. That means more money is spent on upgrades.

Forced upgrades: Players who want to experience full features of a game from graphics to FPS speeds must upgrade their hardware to be compatible.

Saturated market: Although growing so far, the PC market is highly saturated and lacks quality control.

The mobile video game market: pros and cons

If you look around, no person does not have a smartphone. The development of technology and internet access have made mobile games  the players’ favorite in go-to mode. To understand how significant the growth of the mobile games market is, a new report from analyst firm GlobalData estimates the mobile gaming market will be worth $ 272 billion by 2030, representing a compound annual growth rate of 11%.


Easy to develop – compared to other platforms, mobile games are easy to create using out-of-the-box engines like Unity or Unreal.

Easy to publish – Mobile games are easier to distribute to players due to platforms like iOS or Android.

Easy to advertise – To reach as many players as possible, the most profitable method is paid ads. Mobile games are easy to promote through digital channels, including social media channels.

Easy to access anywhere – The convenience of playing mobile games anywhere is one of the favorite benefits of mobile games that players love.


Saturated market – Of the three-game markets, mobile gaming is the most saturated. Including non-mobile games, more than 6,000 apps are loaded daily on Android alone, of which only 0.01% are successful.

Lack of quality –  Due to the lack of control when publishing, there are very high chances that most mobile games will have poor quality.

Not all genres have a fit for mobile devices – due to the portable format and the small screen, some games genres are not suitable for mobile.

Damage to the battery – is predictable on constant gaming.

Pros and cons of the console game market

When we say consoles, Sony PlayStation, Nintendo Switch, and Microsoft’s Xbox are the most popular devices. Console gaming enthusiasts especially buy their new console versions just to play the latest games released. Therefore, we can say that gaming consoles have created a unique community of players.

Consoles have existed since the beginning of the gaming industry, but in recent years they have advanced so much that they are easy to use, allow for multiplayer action, and may often be relatively inexpensive compared to gaming PCs or high-end mobiles.


Affordable Prices: Consoles are an easy and affordable way to play video games in your home. Today, the prices of consoles are still kept low to keep them accessible.

Exclusive Video Games: consoles sometimes have exclusive content that is reserved for a specific console. An example is Last of Us Part 2, which is considered the best PS4 exclusive ever, which players say is visually astonishing, absurdly ambitious, and utterly epic in scale.

Enthusiastic fan community: the consoles have a special community of very dedicated fans who are constantly interested in watching the latest games.

High quality: although this is a good thing to keep high quality, fewer games on the console are released than PCs or mobiles.

High gaming experience: this is due to the high-quality control.

All big consoles work with out-of-the-box engines like Unity and Unreal.

Currently the fastest-growing market


Dominated by AAA mobile games

High investment costs – this is reflected in the price of the video game so that console games may have a higher price.

Advertising is more difficult – because online advertising cannot reach the console directly, it is more difficult for game publishers to promote their message to the target audience.

Longer developing time.

Expert opinion: which market does Starloop Studios prefer?

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