With the mobile gaming industry’s continued growth year after year, mobile devices are becoming a platform of choice for numerous developers and publishers. Mobile games have evolved immensely from their roots are rudimentary puzzle games into viable and complex titles in their own right. The Magic Media team has extensive experience developing mobile games, and developing them as part of larger cross-platform development projects is beneficial for the developer, publishers, and audience in several ways.

Cross-Platform Development is Advantageous

Concurrent development with other platforms is a wise move for several reasons. Developing the mobile version of your title at the same time as other platforms allows for a simultaneous launch after development, which can lead to a higher return on investment. This can be attributed to the growing popularity of mobile and its improving reputation as a viable gaming platform.

Developing games for multiple platforms during the same cycle can naturally be challenging and extend the development phase, but it saves time compared to porting the title to mobile at a later stage. If the resources are available, it’s better to develop mobile games simultaneously with other platforms, rather than revisiting the project at a later time which would require the team to reacquaint themselves with the title, its asset, code, software, tool, and more.

Community Inclusion

Simultaneous mobile platform development and launches can foster a sense of community that otherwise might not be achievable through porting. A separate release at a later date might mean overall interest in the title or IP has diminished, which could hamper its success. Instead, launching on day one with other versions of the game means a larger potential audience, considering the success and popularity of mobile gaming.

Mobile devices are the preferred platform for many people who are busy with their personal or professional lives, as the platform can facilitate shorter play sessions. This is an important demographic that ideally should have access to the game from day one because otherwise its overall success could be impeded.

Mobile Considerations

Cross-platform development including mobile devices can be challenging, as PC and consoles are significantly more powerful by comparison. PC and console development also have their unique challenges. It’s critical to downgrade the mobile version’s visual quality so that it doesn’t negatively impact its performance. Compared to higher-end platforms, mobile devices can run into significant technical issues if their visual fidelity is too high, or perhaps be unable to run on mobile devices in the first place.

Input design needs to be completely overhauled for mobile games. Though controller support is more commonplace in the modern gaming industry, developers need to, at a minimum, have responsive and intuitive controls for touch screens. UI elements should be adjusted and tested on various mobile devices too. Between the many phone and tablet manufacturers, screen sizes can vary wildly and should be thoroughly tested to ensure there are no outstanding issues when your mobile game launches.

One Game Development Cycle

A single game development cycle for all platforms means there is no need to fund another development period in the future exclusively for the mobile version of your title. This will generally mean more upfront costs but in the long run, it’s cheaper than porting down the line. This is a more cost-effective measure that can be especially appealing for developers seeking to break into the mobile market.

By doing this the game will also be included in the initial marketing push. It’ll be part of one unified campaign and ranked among its console and PC counterparts, rather than being seen as a separate entity after being ported. This is another cost-effective action that reinforces the sense of a single community, rather than a divided one, which is important for mobile games.

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