Match-3 games have been an attraction for gamers from the beginning, so it’s not a surprise that it was the world’s highest-revenues video game genre. Moreover, they seem to fit perfectly for all mobile platforms and all players’ preferences.

The first Match-3 Games were released in the 1980s, with Tetris, Chain Shot! and Puzznic games. In 2003, the idea of ​​matching game elements with shots appeared, and game developers implemented the concept with enthusiasm. This is how the legendary computer game Zuma became so popular. Other famous games such as Luxor, Frozen Bubble, etc., also contributed to this bubble shooter boom. Due to internet access, Match-3 Games have become even more popular and played online in the form of casual games.

What are Match-3 Games?

Match-3 games are some of the most challenging, exciting, and fun video games. These are a puzzle game in which players wap pieces around until there’s three or more in a row. These aligned parts must be according to a matching criterion, and thus they disappear. This lets players rack up potential combos and tons of points!

The main goal of these games is to identify patterns of pieces on a seemingly chaotic board. Usually, the number of pieces to be aligned is three. Hence the name “Match-3 Game”. For example, one of the most famous Match-3 Games is Candy Crash. Who hasn’t heard of this game?

In Match-3 Games, we find a broad range of design elements, game mechanics, and gameplay experiences. Among the things that make this type of game more engaging is feature arcade-style action elements, such as hand-eye coordination, shooting, time pressure. In addition, the tile-matching mechanic is not only used in Match-3 Games, but we can find them integrated into more extensive and complex games, used as mini-games for joy and players’ relaxation.

Match Three Games Features

As Match-3 Game developers, we know that to successfully launch this kind of games, it must meet several features. If you look closely, for the gamer experience to be positive, you will see that the most popular Match-3 Games meet some basic features, such as the ones below,

Specific game design

At Match-3 Games, the concept of the standard puzzler has remained the same since the beginning: the game has several types of pieces, and if the player puts the similar ones next to each other, they disappear. Match-3 Games’ rules are almost the same in all games. But depending on the creativity and ideas of game developers, each game can bring news in terms of game mechanics.

Positive’ settings and meta

For the gamer experience to be visually pleasing and uncomplicated, in Match-3 Games, we find all kinds of attractive characters, bright pieces, and charming animations. Their goal is to relax the player’s eyes to identify those pieces which have to be aligned more easily. Thus video game engagement remains increased as well.

Free-to-play game economy

If we look at the games with the highest revenues, we notice that they are free-to-play. Therefore, players who want to advance faster or accomplish levels can pay during the game. Also, in terms of the game’s complexity, the Match-3 game must be challenging enough to support the players’ engagement but not too difficult to discourage.

How do we program and develop the Match-Three Puzzle Games in Starloop?

Our Match-3 app design and development expertise allowed you to transform your idea into a visually appealing and playfully engaging game. At Starloop Studios, we work with all the best game development tools and platforms like Unity, Unreal Engine, GameMAker, etc.

  1. In the game development process, everything starts from the idea. Our video game professionals bring expertise to validate your idea.
  2. After verifying the idea, our dedicated team of analysts and designers work together to envision, redefine, and develop your concepts. Also included in this stage are resource allocation, project schedule, and the overall budget.
  3. Throughout the Match-3 Game programming process, our producers, work closely with design, development & QA teams to ensure timely delivery.
  4. Before and after your Match-3 Game launch, our video game development studio ensures no errors or bugs. In addition, our marketing expertise applied to video games can also assure you that your Match-3 Game will be a resounding success.

Why bet on the development of Match-3 Games?

Puzzles or crosswords games have always been and will remain popular. The proof is the constancy with which they remained in the video game industry. This happened because people always considered them fun and engaging. Here’s why to bet on the development of Match-3 Games.

  1. Low Investment. Match-3 Games offers the possibility of low investment mobile gaming platform and offers the advantage of being promoted to a huge number of players. At Starloop Studios, we use the newest key technologies and analyze market trends to offer our customers Match-3 Games at a minimal cost but colossal impact.

Monster Tales Battle Land Game – One of our Match-3 Successful Games

  1. Reach a broad audience. Educational development and strategy make your Match-3 Games reach as many audiences as possible. Regardless of the preferences of Match-3 Games players, they have always been popular, so promoting such a game gives you an advantage from the beginning.
  1. Cognitive skills and problem-solving. People love to solve problems. Match-3 Games offers players the opportunity to use and develop their visual-spatial awareness and problem-solving abilities. The focus of this kind of game is solving analytical and conceptual challenges.

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