AAA game development is a complex process that requires well-oiled teamwork from an experienced team. The AAA game development process is an intersection of art, technical skills, writing, and many more disciplines. Irrespective of project style or scope, these skills need to come together seamlessly to produce an enjoyable product for fans and a body of work the developer can be proud of.

Starloop Studios prides itself on its ability to produce high-quality AAA games. No matter the audience or genre our clients wish to target, we have a wealth of experience to leverage to produce the best games possible. Key to this success is several important steps in our AAA game development process.

High-Level AAA Game Design

Before AAA game development can begin in earnest, it’s paramount that developers create a game design document that can serve as a single source of truth for the entirety of the AAA game development process. Top AAA game developers will work by following the document across all departments. Though features change or get removed entirely throughout the AAA game development process, the game design document remains the guiding light of development projects.

For service providers like Starloop Studios, a game design document can’t be created without the input and agreement of the client. Game features, gameplay, story, visual design, and every other aspect of a game need to be per the client’s needs and should be agreed upon before active development begins.

Client Communication During AAA Game Development Projects

One of the greatest boons top AAA game developers grant themselves during the AAA game development process is establishing communication pipelines with the client early. In the early stages of any project, it’s advantageous to establish how you communicate with your client, how often, and what is discussed during these meetings.

Keeping frequent communication with your client can be a valuable source of feedback. Top AAA game developers, particularly service providers like Starloop Studios, will regularly pass along work in progress and completed game features, art, and more to clients so they not only understand how the project is progressing but as a means of gaining feedback. Ultimately, the game should match client requirements and expectations as closely as possible, and if any aspect needs a course correction, a steady flow of communication and feedback is necessary to surpass those expectations.

Furthermore, experienced developers engaged in AAA game development will use established communication pipelines to advise the client on the game’s direction. Though clients may want certain features and visual styles, they could clash with other aspects of the game and its target audience. Experienced AAA game developers will advise on the best course of action to ensure the game is consistent and none of its features are at odds with each other.

Quality Assurance in AAA Game Development

As part of any project work for our clients, Starloop Studios and other top AAA game developers will always invest significant time and effort into quality assurance. A game could have stunning visuals, art direction, and innovative game mechanics, but ultimately if it doesn’t play well, players will remember that more. It’s imperative that the game is balanced, runs smoothly, and every possible bug is resolved before release.

This becomes especially important for multiplatform releases. Every platform is different, especially ones like Nintendo’s Switch with its unique handheld and docked modes. Because different consoles have distinct technical capabilities, internal parts, and even APIs, platform-specific bugs are very much possible, necessitating every target platform to be tested rigorously.

It’s of the highest importance for service providers to ensure their releases are bug-free or, at worst, have their outstanding issues resolved in post-launch patches. Creating high-quality, stable, and bug-free games is the holy grail for service providers, and doing so can only enhance a developer’s reputation and lead to more and more client collaborations.

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