Mobile game development is a complicated process that requires a skilled, knowledgeable, and collaborative team. All of these are needed to create high-quality mobile titles. At Starloop Studios as part of the Magic Media team, we’ve had the opportunity to work on a diverse range of mobile game development projects in our years of experience and, as a result, we intimately understand how to create second-to-none mobile gaming experiences.

In this new blog, we delve into how we make the most of our studio’s mobile game development process and some of our key pillars of mobile game development excellence.

Our Team and Mobile Game Development

The importance of a well-constructed team for mobile game development cannot be overstated. Mobile game development projects must have a mix of experienced talent who are open to learning and feedback and possess a strong sense of teamwork. At Magic Media and, by extension, Starloop Studios, we work as one team for all our projects, no matter what services we provide. We employ a fluid approach to our team compositions, ensuring our team consists of individuals with the most relevant skills and experience for your projects.

Collaboration is key in all of our mobile game development projects. We pride ourselves on our ability to bring our best talents together, fluid communication, and agile methodologies to bring your mobile games to life while scaling as necessary.

Client Role in Mobile Game Development

From the outset of every mobile project we work on, we endeavor to understand our client’s requirements and vision as clearly as possible. As soon as possible, we lay the groundwork for communication pipelines to ensure our clients can communicate with us whenever they need to and to establish regular check-ins and meetings. We meet with our clients frequently to understand their needs at the beginning of the mobile game development process, parse the information, and devise creative solutions for their mobile gaming needs.

Thanks to our position as an experienced mobile games services provider, we can deliver on any mobile projects our client needs, from full-cycle development projects to technically complex mobile game ports. Our experience enables us to take on an advisory role in the projects we take on, allowing us to suggest improvements or changes to our clients for every aspect of the mobile game, including game mechanics, art style tweaks, user experience changes, and more while considering their feedback.

Intertwining User Experience with Mobile Game Development

Though user experience is paramount for games on all platforms, we emphasize UX in mobile game development projects to a high degree. Mobile games primarily use touchscreen controls, and users expect to be able to navigate menus and gameplay easily. We put every effort into researching and designing intuitive user experiences that are accessible to a variety of players.

Our focus on exceptional user experience is highlighted by our vast catalog of mobile game development projects featuring intuitive interfaces, design, and gameplay, including Jelly Copter, Once Upon a Match, Lingo, and many more.

Mobile Game Development Technical Expertize

To bring our exceptional mobile games to life, we leverage a wide range of industry-standard tools and technologies. Some of these tools are familiar names, such as eminent game engines Unreal Engine and Unity, development kits, and more. For mobile game development, several tools are critical in providing outstanding mobile gaming experiences.

By its nature, mobile game development is a complex affair. There is an enormous amount of devices on the market running both Android and iOS that studios need to be aware of when developing mobile games. To create high-performing mobile games regardless of OS, its version, and the device’s capabilities, we leverage various tools. Debugging software is necessary to understand how the game’s code is performing and help detect issues. Profiler tools help us gather information at runtime, allowing us to understand CPU usage. We use memory snapshots to understand memory usage, identify problem areas, and optimize it to ensure stellar performance across a range of mobile devices.

Starloop Studios is an experienced gaming industry services provider, delivering dozens of expert services such as full-cycle game development and game porting for all platforms, including mobile. As part of Magic Media, we offer dozens of services for gaming, entertainment, and tech projects. Contact Starloop Studios today to learn more!


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