Nintendo Switch development is a unique process in the field of game development. Not as powerful as its Sony and Microsoft counterparts, it relies on interesting input methods and features to help devise novel gameplay experiences.

One of the main features of the console is the Nintendo Switch Joy-Con. It’s an adaptable controller that can be used in multiple ways and is sure to influence game development for Nintendo Switch. The Nintendo Switch Joy-Con is a pathway to developing interesting mechanics and methods of playing games and should be looked at extensively by any developer engaging in Nintendo Switch development.

What Can the Nintendo Switch Joy-Con Do?

The Nintendo Switch Joy-Con can be used in multiple ways. Firstly, they can be used as a traditional controller by wielding two of them separately or inserting them into a traditional handheld controller that comes with Nintendo Switch consoles. For the majority of Nintendo Switch games, they can be played in this manner, and for Nintendo Switch development, this should be seen as a baseline of support for the Joy-Con implementation.

Like their Wii console predecessors, Nintendo Switch Joy-Cons can be used as motion controllers as well, which is a popular implementation for sports games and even some Pokémon titles. The motion controls can add greatly to immersion by using them for aiming in action games or for interactive sports experiences. Furthermore, they can be attached to the console directly for handheld gaming as players wish.

Joy-Cons can also be used for local multiplayer games, where they can be used as separate controllers, allowing players to engage in local two-player games without needing to purchase further Joy-Cons.

Nintendo Switch Development for Versatile Gaming Experiences

The Nintendo Switch doesn’t just provide the opportunity for one gaming experience, but multiple. The console is designed so that it be used in many ways depending on the players’ needs and desires and can be seen as the culmination of Nintendo’s decades of experience with home consoles, handhelds, and motion controls. This versatility necessitates effectiveUI design to support its many play modes. The Nintendo Switch Joy-Con controller is central to the Nintendo Switch as a versatile games console.

When engaging in game development for Nintendo Switch, the style of game you’re developing will inform the usage of the Joy-Con controller. Nintendo Switch Sports, for instance, made full use of the Joy-Cons so that players could fully immerse themselves in the actions and movements of sports like volleyball, soccer, and badminton.

The 2016 Doom game is another fantastic example of leveraging the Nintendo Switch Joy-Con’s versatility. The game is predominantly controlled traditionally, using its sticks and buttons to move and perform actions, but as part of a post-lunch update, support for motion controls was added. The motion control support was widely lauded for adding an immersive element to an already-intense gaming experience.

Nintendo Switch Joy-Cons Breathe New Life Into Existing Games

The Nintendo Switch is something of a hotspot for game ports. Despite it being relatively underpowered compared to its Xbox and PlayStation counterparts, it continues to see high-profile game ports being released regularly. What the console lacks in power, it makes up for with unique ways to interact with games through the Nintendo Switch Joy-Con controllers.

A significant example of the console’s ability to facilitate novel gameplay is The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. Though it’s available on all modern systems, the Nintendo Switch version is perhaps the most interesting to play. The motion controls of the Joy-Con allow players to aim bows and swing swords, and even the lockpicking mechanic makes use of the advanced Nintendo Switch Joy-Con haptic vibration. While this modern classic is ubiquitous, the Joy-Con provides arguably the most innovative way to engage with it.

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