The development of video games with the Unreal tool is not usually very simple and requires specialized developers in this area and in this tool. Of course, the steps to follow to create a video game using Unreal follow a generic structure that is as follows:

  • Preliminary development of the video game: the concept, the storyboard, the environment and its characteristics, the characters and the special effects must be chosen and defined in this phase. Each of them will conjugate the final video game.
  • Game development: UI and UX design is part of this phase, along with script development. All this will give a definitive shape to the video game, which will have to go through a final phase of tests to verify that everything works correctly.
  • Release: this is the test phase that we mentioned in the previous point. Players should check that the video game performance is correct taking into account the gaming experience and user behavior, the dialogue between the video game and the player. The possible flaws found will make the developers have to rectify the code of the video game and submit it to a final phase of testing.