The world of video game development and game developers is as varied as there are colours and shades. It’s often assumed that as someone with an idea for a game, whether a remake, a new I.P, or a soft restart, you simply look for the company that offers the best deal. But that couldn’t be farther from the truth. To get the best possible result out of your full-cycle game development outsourcing, you need to look deeper.

And while, of course, the cost side of things is an important consideration of outsourcing game development – there are so many more elements to look at! From their experience, service offerings, and the kind of work they produce, it’s important to do your research.

The Location

The location of an outsourcing game development studio is integral in so many aspects. From the cost and time-efficiency to the cultural differences and time-zone communication, every aspect must be considered.

This extends also into executing the theme and genre of the game. It’s not any good going to a developer in Western Europe to develop a game focused on Asian Mythos. The level of innate knowledge and research required all must be built into the time and resource calculation. The same goes for creating an RPG for audiences on different sides of the globe, the differences between a JRPG and a CRPG are staggering.

When considering your location for outsourcing full-cycle development, cost also comes into play on an individual basis – as countries like Poland, Ukraine, and Spain have much more cost-effective annual salaries for technical positions like Unity developers and Unreal Engine developers.

Testimonials & Experience

As with any purchase or agreement of collaboration, you should always look at the reviews and testimonials. Any full-cycle game developer worth your time will have multiple agencies and publishers speaking for them.

It’s important to analyse these reviews and what they mention. No front-page testimonial will speak negatively about the outsourcing studios’ services, but from what isn’t mentioned – knowledge can be gained about what might be going on behind the scenes.

Alongside testimonials is experience. If the company has been around as long as Starloop Studios for example, it’s a good sign that they’re worth your time. With more than a decade of full-cycle development, co-development, and game porting experience, it’s hard to fabricate that level of authenticity.

Portfolio & Services

Two of the most important things to look at, outside of budget and resource management, is the team’s portfolio.

Here, you can see not just the quality of their game development work but also their visual style and aesthetic of their game art. A game development outsourcing studio should have their own unique and recognisable style, but they should also have the flexibility to adjust. If you see a lot of the same and it doesn’t match with your ideas, it’s a good question to ask when beginning that conversation.

Finally, consider their service offerings. If you’re currently just looking for full-cycle game development – then that’s your goal. But if you’re considering for a future project or perhaps you don’t see certain services mentioned, they might be outsourcing themselves to produce it. At Starloop Studios, we pride ourselves on offering full, comprehensive service offerings for everything your game development might need. We’re a one-stop studio!

We hope that this was an informative look at outsourcing considerations. As we said, the world of outsourcing game development is hugely varied. When diving into full-cycle development outsourcing, you have to be very certain that the studio you choose understands and can execute your idea as you imagined it! So, look carefully, and study what they have on offer. 

And if that outsourcing expert is Starloop Studios, we’d be delighted to hear from you. As a veteran studio over more than a decade of full-cycle game development, game porting, and co-development, we’re always ready to tackle your challenges and bring your dream game to life.

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