A great team working towards the same vision is one of the most influential factors for creating a successful game. A team, working together and complementing each other’s skills, is key in pursuing a common goal.

It isn’t easy to build a team like this. And it takes time for people to communicate openly, sharing decision-making, responsibility, and accountability. But with outsourcing, you can bypass this step of building. You can hire it directly. It’s a smart decision to work with an external team that can exceed your expectations and create the game you want.

How is it convenient to outsource your development?

Developing a game is a team effort. In the beginnings of the games’ industry, opportunities were scarce. But the demand for games has skyrocketed. To the point that studios have entire teams dedicated just to the ideation of games.

From game design to post-launch support, outsourcing companies like Starloop Studios offer full support throughout the process. However, saving investors’ costs is the most common reason game outsourcing companies are so solicited. For example, by outsourcing your games, you no longer need to pay for software and buy state-of-the-art technology. Outsourcing game studios already have all you need.

In addition, the stress of launching the project on time and the potential challenges will disappear. Keeping up with a stressful release schedule can lead to crunch, burn out, and costly mistakes. By hiring an outsourcing company, the full cycle development will be planned, implemented, and executed at the highest levels of quality. One of the advantages of outsourcing is that you have instant access to experts in the industry who don’t need additional training. They already know what to do. You will also bypass the tedious recruitment process. An outsourcing game studio will add value to the project through their experience in the field.


This added value is especially significant in co-development projects, where coordination and professionalism are paramount. Regardless of the project stage, an outsourcing team will be comfortable with any genre, engine, or platform. The Starloop team already has unrivalled experience in all aspects of development, from engineering and art to game design and production.

What is outsourcing, and how is it applied to video games? 

Outsourcing video games means delegating various development tasks to external studios, artists, and developers, from 2D or 3D animation  to character design , audio creation, programming, QA testing,  and more.

The full cycle development includes three major productive stages: pre-production, production, and post-production. Each of these, especially the production stage, requires large and highly skilled teams. Outsourcing helps to overcome many of the challenges associated with the costs and talent.

Outsourcing is essential for the modern-day video game industry. It has become a fundamental practice to keep in business, get new concepts, and compete with current and new generation gaming developments. With the growth of competition, outsourcing video games is commonplace. So now, outsourcing has become a very popular method of reducing costs and creating next-level games. Due to the vast advantages that come with it, even huge companies like Ubisoft have admitted to outsourcing aspects of their gaming projects.

Delegating game development: how and why to do it

Game development is expensive. But it becomes affordable when you outsource it to a game development company. To take this step, start by writing a brief with what you need in your project. This will help both you and the team you hire in understanding what you want. Once you have established your requirements, you will know if they can deliver your project as you want it. There will be constant communication with the game outsourcing studio. Still, frequent discussions will be the norm to brainstorm ideas, iron out kinks, and suggest ways to make it practically and technically feasible to implement ideas. Finally, the game developer will draw up a document that defines the concept, technologies that will be used in game development, timelines, and testing. Along the way, the hired team will work closely with you and keep you up to date with each stage of development.

The game’s purpose is to generate revenue. Therefore, you can use the game outsourcing studio’s expertise to find insights and ways to best use the game as a tool in increasing revenue. One benefit of outsourcing is that the team can support even after the game is launched, including for the marketing stage – if you opt for it. 

There are many more advantages that can come from outsourcing in the video game industry. While outsourcing may seem like a threat at first glance, the benefits of game outsourcing far outweigh the perceived risks. One of the risks we often hear is receiving poor quality work. But this can be easily avoided by checking the outsourcing studio’s portfolio. 

Below are some of the main benefits that game outsourcing offers:

Flexibility – Collaborating with a game outsourcing studio comes with flexibility. Video game development is a complex process and, most of the time, it means changing deadlines. After the initial deadline is reached, you can choose to ramp down the amount of assistance you need or stop it altogether. Depending on your needs, you can enjoy the flexibility that a game studio offers you.

Cost-Effectiveness – By outsourcing game development services, you eliminate the cost of full-time employees, their training, or vacations. Also, you won’t have to buy any more new hardware and software subscriptions needed for the incoming staff.

Time-saving – Game art outsourcing companies, including Starloop Studios, have professionals in the field who know the processes inside and out. They will hit their deadlines and, as a result, the whole process will be faster. Additionally, during this time, you will be able to focus on other areas of your business to develop.

Specialization – The quality of the services received is the first factor in choosing a game outsourcing studio. Being specialized in video game development and having experts in each department, the work delivered will be highest. Making the most of these specializations is a core benefit of collaborating with an external development studio. You also have access to specialists who can handle particular project concerns and fill in the gaps using their skills

How can Starloop help you develop your video game?

By hiring the proper game outsourcing studio, you get excellent work done at an affordable price. At Starloop Studios, we can help you with full-cycle game development and production. We’ll bring your ideas, characters, and games to life. In addition, we’ll lead your project through all stages up to its release and post-launch support. Regardless of the platform you want to develop your game, Starloop Studios has a large, expert base of state-of-the-art and relevant technologies. We are constantly developing our knowledge and skills in them.

Starloop Studios is proud to be part of the Magic Media group, an international group specialising in entertainment and gaming industry services. Our wide range of offerings includes VFX, blockchain gaming, game art services, and more. Reach out today to avail of our expertise and A-Z services for your projects.


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