Mobile video ads are a great way to maximize engagement and generate greater conversion rates, compared to text or images ads type. For publishers, in-game mobile video ads are a huge opportunity because video game downloads have increased due to people’s need to interact during the pandemic. According to this report, the weekly downloads in mobile games across the app stores hovered around 1 billion for the second straight quarter in Q3 2020.

As mobile game outsorcing company, we gathered 3 strategies to consider when you want to promote your gaming apps with the help of mobile video ads.

1. Choose the Right Type of Mobile Video Ad

Depending on the purpose of a mobile video ad, it can be of 5 types. Rewarded video ads are highly preferred by advertisers and publishers due to providing immediate returns and a positive impact for players. They offer something valuable for the continuation of the game if the player is watching the ad. This type of advertising is not aggressive at all, because the player chooses whether to watch the video or not. For publishers, rewarded video ads typically have a solid return on investment. In fact, over half of all mobile game developers identify video ads as having the highest revenue per user compared to other forms of in-app ads.

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According to the survey conducted by Unity Technologies, users prefer rewarded video ads instead of in-app purchases or upgrades to premium packages. Moreover, over 60% of developers observed that user retention in gaming apps increases or stabilizes when they use rewarded video ads as a means of advertising.

Another type of mobile video ad is outstream video ads. These are placed within the in-app content and start automatically when they reach the visibility area of the screen. Due to this, the outstream video ads have a high visibility rate.

If you want to get users’ attention quickly, instream pre-roll video ads are a great way. They run before, during, or after video content within the app’s native video player, and the visibility of the ad increases quickly.

If your goal is to increase engagement, the interstitial video ads may be the right choice, as this type of video appears on the entire screen during a game break (for example, when the user moves to the next level of the mobile game or on loading screens).

                                          Image Source: Game Analytics

The most classic and well-known types of advertisements are banners. These can be an image or video type, and their purpose is to lead the player to install the game app or to take him to a product presentation page.

2. Focus on Mobile Video Ads Design and Customization

Customizing mobile video ads for your target audience will increase your conversion rate and get better results. The more personalized a user experience is, the more they will tend to watch the ads or click on them.

Users are delighted with the visuals, so you can show them a bit of the game like some short previews, followed by a clear and demonstrative call-to-action. And remember, the first seconds of a video ad are very important in attracting the player’s attention.

3. Choose Multiple Ad Platforms

If your audience is varied, a smart choice is to use more platforms to publish your mobile video ads. The most popular are UA Channels, Google Play Store Videos, and App Store Videos.

UA Channels. Promoting your gaming apps on UA (user acquisition) channels such as Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, or app network, allows you to learn what users want from your app, which users are of the highest value to you, and what can be done to increase return on investment (ROI). Also, it gives you information that can be confidently included in your overall strategy for optimal results.

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Google Play Store Videos
. Suppose a user which just played a mobile game similar to yours, search for a new mobile app game on the Google Store application. How tempting do you think he is to download your mobile game when your video ad appears in Recommendations? The answer is: quite tempted. Google selects the most appropriate users to show them your video ad, and if your ad is properly made, your conversion rate will be high.

App Store Videos. Since 45% of the American population owns iPhones, it is understandable that this platform should be on the list of your marketing strategy.

Unlike Google Play, your video ads on the Apple App Store need to follow some specific Guidelines. The goal of your mobile video ads on the iOS App Store should be the improvement of the conversion rates and get more app installs. If you need help at this stage, we can help you improve the performance of your gaming app.

A tip you want to follow.

Regardless of the strategy you follow in promoting your gaming app, one piece of advice you should follow is not to force users to leave the game! It is frustrating for an ad to stop your game, and this can stop the use of the mobile app.

Need mobile video ads for your gaming apps?

we said at the beginning, mobile video ads are effective if they are interactive and well done. With over a decade of experience in the video game industry, we know exactly what features a video ad must have to maximize your conversion rates. Learn more about our video ad service.

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