As we have already mentioned, the development of video games using Unreal Engine requires highly accustomed and trained developers and professionals to use it. In other words: developers must be specialists in the Unreal Engine. This makes it not very easy to have this type of professionals on the staff of a company, therefore, it is easier and simpler to outsource the service.

The full cycle development includes three major productive stages: pre-production, production, and post-production. Each of these, especially the production stage, requires large and highly skilled teams. Outsourcing helps to overcome many of the challenges associated with the costs and talent.

Outsourcing is essential for the modern-day video game industry. It has become a fundamental practice to keep in business, get new concepts, and compete with current and new generation gaming developments. With the growth of competition, outsourcing video games is commonplace. So now, outsourcing has become a very popular method of reducing costs and creating next-level games. Due to the vast advantages that come with it, even huge companies like Ubisoft have admitted to outsourcing aspects of their gaming projects.