It is now common to see companies going out there to source game development experts that could help in developing their game software. However, there are ethical concerns that make this a challenging venture. With Starloop Studios, these challenges could be taken out of the equation.

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Understanding IT Outsourcing

Outsourcing is the business practice of hiring a party outside a company to perform services and create goods that traditionally were to be performed in-house by the company’s employees and staff. Outsourcing is usually a more beneficial option for companies because it saves costs and improves profit. Though some states in the United States have implemented some outsourcing prohibitions, especially against offshore outsourcing, many companies largely depend on outsourcing to meet up with human resources. In the US alone, outsourcing contributes to more than 20% of employment in the past decade. Especially in healthcare, financial services, Information Technology, and many other sectors. Both private and Government companies outsource to reduce costs and maximize profit. Many IT companies prefer outsourcing because it is easier for most IT work to be done remotely. This, coupled with the fact that there won’t be any need to create a working space for the personnel, makes outsourcing for IT experts attractive.

Game Development

Game development is a multi-million dollars enterprise. Since the 70s, when the first video game was commercialized, game development has leaped in steps and bounds. The same goes for the business of game development. Game development is a process that involves a lot of personnel. Apart from the producer and publisher, there would be a need for a development team’s involvement. This is the core team in the Game business. Their sizes vary; it all depends on the size of production and the company involved. However, the team is divided into the following subgroup: the designer team, artist team, programmer team, multi-level designer team, sound engineer team, and the testing team. Several hundreds of experts are needed right from the creative stage to the final stage.

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Ethical and Security Concerns of Outsourcing Game Development

It has been established that a whole lot of experts are required to develop a game. Therefore, it will take a lot of insight to keep the trade secret and codes of the game software by the in-house staff and workers, talk more of outsourced game experts. The risk of outsourcing game development portends will be examined here.

Data Protection and Privacy

When game development experts are outsourced, the producer has less power over the product and intellectual property. Consequently, there are concerns about their data and codes being compromised. These concerns are sometimes out of place. Many outsourcing studios are so professional that they would never be tempted to compromise their integrity and their client’s trade secrets. Besides, contracts in outsourcing are most times stringent, therefore discouraging any foul play. This has greatly helped to keep the studios and clients in line. Outsourced game development studios are obliged to be loyal to the company policies and ethos. Therefore, they cannot afford to betray the companies that employ their services. They know that it is the only way to keep their clients. However, very few studios have no problem dealing with their employers’ competitors and even sharing in-house trade secrets.

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Quality of Service

Game development is a serious business where quality and value are at a premium – where every team member of the production is expected to be at his best. This fact ascertains the need to outsource to experts. The world is now a global village. A game development company is not limited and could no longer be compelled to use personnel in its locality if it requires more expertise. Now, companies could dip into the pool of competent experts from all over the world. Therefore, a game development company should seek out good outsourcing studios that would meet up with the requirements needed to develop a classic game. 


Considering all the ethical and security concerns of outsourcing to game developers, there is a need for game development companies to take their time in employing the services of a suitable outsourcing team. A team that would guarantee them to keep to the ethos and quality of game development.

Starloop Studios is a game development company that could guarantee quality output and maintain the ethical and security of any code and program entrusted to it. Starloop Studios has been in the business of game development for over a decade now. It has teams of experienced designers, artists, producers, sound engineers, and testers. These are groups of people that are hell-bent in giving nothing but the best. They are not only motivated by the enumeration they get from doing the job but driven by the passion they have for game development.

Starloop Studios is proud to be part of the Magic Media group, an international group specialising in entertainment and gaming industry services. Our wide range of offerings includes VFX, blockchain gaming, game art services, and more. Reach out today to avail of our expertise and A-Z services for your projects.


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