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Planet game VFX Starloop

The Game Industry’s Premier Visual FX Studio

Starloop Studios provides clients the highest quality VFX to help a game reach its full potential. As a leading visual effects (VFX) service provider, we push the limits of what is possible creatively and technically at the most competitive costs.

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Visual Effects At Its Best.

Today’s video games has evolved to near reality, production of which has to employ a diverse set of visual effects techniques, to retain the real world player in to their gaming worlds. At Starloop Studios, we match the best references of the market without losing performance and communicate what we desire using the standard tools on the market. Iteration and experimentation are key points to achieve what we need.

How We Work

We create the effects from scratch in either way 2D or 3D to get the style and the impact required on any project by using a wide set of tools and shaders, always taking care of performance.

Our Recent Successful VFX Project

Mobile design game VFX

Duel Arena – Hero Battle Game is a fantasy strategy RPG with turn-based battles where the player can compete with real opponents in PvP. The user will get the opportunity to try out more than three dozen characters that have unique abilities and distinctive appearance. Winning matches will allow you to access the chests with loot and new units. The success will raise the gamer in the leaderboard, will help him to join in leading clans participants or to create their own community.

The Scope of Work:

  • Empowered – 3 kinds (Boost, Amplify, and Invigorate)
  • Damaged – 3 kinds (Wreck, Diminish, Ravage)
  • Received Poison Status Effect
  • Received Positive Aura / Status Effect
  • Received Negative Aura / Status Effect
  • Unit Personal Ability Activated
  • Unit Support Ability Activated
  • Taking Duel Damage
  • Unit Died
  • Unit Selected to Duel
Client: TopCog LLC
Genre: Fantasy Strategy
Platform: Android
Technology: Unity
Click to Play Duel Arena Reel

Some of our VFX Projects

Whether it’s working with the latest and greatest packages or a few spare parts and tools, Starloop pushes the limits of technology and creativity to achieve the best possible results.

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With more than 9 years of experience and 100+ projects under our belt, we are proud to say that we create worlds out of thin air.

We work closely with artists, designers, programmers and audio staff to ensure that your game visual effects enhances the overall game experience

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