GAME VISUAL FX: From Good to Great, Enhance the Visuals of Your Games

Creating visual effects is a time-consuming, challenging, and complex process. Because the teams are vast and diverse, there are many sorts of workers, from hardcore developers to illustrators and non-artists who like leading groups. So, if you’ve ever wondered why studios spend so much money on polished art, you now have an answer. But what precisely are we discussing?

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How to Enhance Your Game Visuals?

Here are the 3 steps you can take to improve your game’s graphics:

  1. Guide with strong compositions. It gives a strong foundation for your visual style to thrive.
  2. Color, lighting, & shape. Focus on your art’s appeal. Clear silhouettes and vibrant touches of colors are powerful tools for that!
  3. Ensure that you are headed the right way, using analytics and A/B testing.

How can we do all that? In this e-book, we will give you some practical tips to improve your game’s visuals, the principles of VFX design and Game Engines 101.

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