Our Starloopian’s Story

We know great things happen when talent and opportunity cross paths. Discover the inspiring stories of our Starloopians.

Kunal Tomar

Senior Unreal Developer

My First Love in Gaming

My addiction began with playing Quake 3 and Tomb Raider on my cousin’s PC when I was 6 years old. From there, I began to play in a lot of tournaments while I was in school. Games like Need For Speed: Most Wanted and Counter Strike 1.6 were my main passions.

From early childhood, I was sure that I wanted to make a career and a living doing something with video games. Then, after completing my Engineering Degree, I got my first break in one of the leading gaming companies in India.

Experience with Unity and Unreal

In the early parts of my career, I was trying out different engines to start working my own game prototypes. I came across couple engines like Cocos2d, Unity 3d, and Unreal Engine, as well as some other smaller engines.

After some time, I decided to try Unity and Unreal both. Though, for some reason, I didn’t feel completely comfortable with Unity and its learning process. There were plenty of resources available for learning Unity, far more than were available for Unreal Engine. But when I tried Unreal, I was immediately hooked! And using its basic documentation and forum support, I had enough to get started.

Starting with Starloop Studios

One day I got approached by Starloop’s HR. It was a new opportunity and it was certainly interesting. After browsing through the studio’s portfolio, I instantly said yes.

Next thing I knew, I was in an interview with Tim, the CEO. And shortly after, I joined as Unreal Developer. Underworld was my first project with Starloop and within a few days of working under the amazing producer, Mariana Parra, and the rest of the development team, I knew I had made the right decision.

Life at Starloop

After coming from a background of indie game studios and startups, I was thinking I was going to experience a tougher and harsher work culture. But Starloop was totally the opposite to my expectation.

Starloop gives preference to good work-life balance while we work on some of the biggest game titles in the industry. From top to bottom, you will see the passion for gaming in each and everyone’s work. I know I’m at home because I am 100% sure everyone is a gamer here!