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Well-Balanced Game Economy Design to Keep Your Players Engaged and Paying

With 10 years experience in the video game industry, Starloop Studios has the expertise to analyze the in-game data of your player’s journey and build a fun and sustainable economy system. We support you in transforming your vision and the required player experience, and work with simulations that allow for deep monetization and KPI improvements.

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Why Game Economy Design?

Each game is unique, and it requires different levels of balance in each of their elements to work properly. Designing a game economy is a complex task. It is a balancing act between your game design and artistic design; it can also involve meta-game design factors.

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Building a fun and sustainable economy is no easy task as many design assumptions tend to backfire when they come in contact with the user. We want to create a thriving in-game economy where the players are excited to trade on the Marketplace. The question is how to design features and assets that every user wants to collect without giving an unfair advantage to the players who spent the most money? 

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How We Work

Our Game Economy Designers provide constant data-driven recommendations that align with your game economy, player engagement, and monetization directions.

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Why Starloop Studios

Our solution-oriented Game Economy Designers have the expertise in game economy, passionate in analytical game design with deep understanding of the game resources flow.

We build systems that engage players over the years and allow for very deep monetization.

Why choose Starloops as Game development company
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We are able to break problems down in their key variables and identify the relations between them.

We have the econometrics skills, able to model problems into quantitative systems, and draw qualitative conclusions out of quantitative data.

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Our team is flexible and can easily adapt to any client’s needs, their way of doing things, and can integrate their own set of work methodologies.

Some of our games have 100 million+ downloads and worked with ranging startups to Fortune 500 companies

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