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What is ‘Life at Starloop’ experience?

At Starloop, we encourage you to be yourself and have fun. We like having a good time at work, not just outside of it. Together, we work hard, we play video games, we brainstorm, we go through hundreds of notebooks, and we give the best high-fives in town. If you choose to work with us, you will find that we offer:

Meet Some of Our Awesome Starloopians

  • Josep

    Technical Artist, 3D and UI Art

    Being a Starloopian is challenging but fun. I gained different skills from working in every project. I think that videogame industry is a multi-discplinary work and I like to be part in different aspects of it.

  • Jordi

    IT & Administration Manager

    Being a Starloopian is like having a big family where everyone has the same ultimate goal - create amazing games!

  • Micah

    Lead Tech Sales Developer

    Being a Starloopian is a thrilling adventure! Every day is different! I love getting to meet tons of possible clients, hear their wonderful ideas and help bring them to life together! I'm also super thankful that I get to work remotely with such a great team while getting to spend time with my family as well!

  • Ramon

    Lead Generation Manager

    What I love about our team is the collaborative environment. This truly creates a family environment where everybody is there for each other. I also love that they care about me and my professional growth.

  • Isidro

    Known as The Catfather

    I work with Unity or Unreal, sometimes porting games and other times on new projects, but I always make things work.
    Being an Starloopian is like a life, sometimes it is wonderful and sometimes hard, but at the end, the truth is that you always enjoy and learn on this path.

  • Iontxu


    As a VFX I do KABOOM!!!! Fshhhhh!!!!! Swooshh!!!! ZZZZpppppppp!!!, PPBUBGGGGGGG!!!!!!!! Making projects exploding since 2017.
    For me, being an Starloopian is everyday an opportunity, everyday is a challenge!

What We Stand For

At Starloop, we have 6 core values and these represent who we are and how we work.

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