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Starloop Studios is a pioneer in NFT game development, offering top-notch NFT gaming solutions for striking gameplay. We apply cutting-edge technologies that can help you to create your own marketplace and attract huge numbers of players to invest in digital collectibles, art pieces, and properties in the virtual gaming world.


Why NFT in Games?

NFTs have set a new trend in the crypto market with its distinct and interesting features. Unique assets and their scarcity are the crucial element for its sudden spike and trend in the market.

The gaming industry is a massive sector that frequently shows its ability to attract a huge audience, regardless of age or previous interest. This industry has experienced significant growth and changes with the evolution of technology and the environment. The gaming industry is serving as a baseline for the introduction of new technologies and trends. The interest and enthusiasm in games support other industries to understand and adopt the latest technology. NFTs, the phenomenal innovation of blockchain technology in games, lays the foundation for creating gaming assets and collectibles as NFTs. The gaming industry is increasing its revenue by introducing gaming assets, exclusive tokens, and other gameplay options.

NFTs offer the possibility to develop, buy, and sell these exclusive gaming tokens and potentially pull the ever-growing gaming community towards your NFT marketplace.

Our Next-Gen NFT Solutions in Gaming

Starloop Studios offers professional development solutions for an NFT gaming platform, which delivers an amazing trading experience with crypto-collectibles.

Key Features of White-Label NFT Gaming Development

Benefits of NFTs In the Gaming Industry

  • NFT provides exclusive unique in-game bonuses with the help of customized virtual assets
  • NFTs can be used in multiple games to increase their value 
  • Transparency in the cost of gaming assets inside the community
  • NFT gaming assets can be used in any game as they are interoperable
  • NFT games provide huge revenue-generating ways
  • Listing of these NFT assets can bring more people to the NFT marketplace and more
  • Demands of these exclusive NFTs increase the value of the token
  • All the contributions of rewards are given in NFTs

Blockchain Platform on Which We Can Build
NFT Marketplace

How We Work

Every aspect of our work process is focused on results-driven performance

01 Brainstorming We run a market analysis and compare it with your business goals to get a comprehensive picture of the final result.

02 Goal setting We build a detailed set of actions with deadlines and benchmarks, not to miss a thing.

03 Concept CreationWe design a concept of your NFT game to satisfy your needs and preferences before the development begins.


Developing & CodingOur dedicated developers create your game using proven tools and working techniques.04

Software TestingBug-free and top-quality games are our priority. We run alpha and beta testing to make sure the game is ready to roll out..05

Game ReleaseOur team develops games on a turn-key basis. We help you to roll out the final version of the game to Google Play and App Store..06

Looking for a reliable NFT game development company?

Bring your game to the next level with our NFT game solutions.


Why Starloop Studios

Our team of 150+ software engineers contains best-in-class developers proficient in all the latest techs. We have industry-leading knowledge on asset tokenization of both fungible and non-fungible assets. We help businesses design and mint NFT assets that carry high value propositions to the people.

Experience in NFT Token Development – End-to-end NFT development for a wide range of collectibles and digital content

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Guaranteed platform liquidity through calculated deployment protocols

A sizable team of certified specialists with successful projects under their belt

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We guarantee the timely delivery of your project. This is a fundamental element that makes us a trusted choice for global clients

Total transparency in designing, minting, and launching the Non-Fungible Tokens

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We are proud to support industry leaders around the world.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

NFT gaming allows you to monetize gameplay elements, such as items or cosmetics, offering unique opportunities to players in acquiring and owning rare or one-of-a-kind in-game items.

NFT in games offer users the ability to purchase virtual assets on the marketplace, in the form of NFTs. These NFTs can operate as a variety of items or cosmetics. Weapons in an action game, costumes in an adventure game, backgrounds in a puzzle game, an NFT can literally be anything.

Fungible tokens are the tokens that can be exchanged with each other since they have the same value. An example of a fungible token would be any typical currency. No single euro coin or dollar bill is more valuable than another. While non-fungible tokens cannot be exchanged because of the unique specifications and standards.

Characters, vehicles, trading cards, weapons, virtual landscape – you can create all kinds of NFTs.

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