In recent years, video games have reached the top of people’s entertainment activities for fun and relaxation. Currently, the video game industry is one of the most significant industries worldwide and worth $ 162.32 billion in 2020. To achieve the optimum player experience, game development companies need to consider many aspects of a video game when starting a new project. When a player downloads a video game, he expects a fun experience, challenging missions to complete, and captivating stories.

What is considered playability in a video game?

A video game’s playability consists of a set of criteria by which the player’s gaming experience is evaluated. The main objective of playability is to provide players the entertainment, pleasure, and satisfaction they seek in a video game. A video game’s playability can be measured according to several attributes and properties, categorized according to effectiveness, efficiency, and satisfaction, as in the example in fig. 01.

what is palaybility in a video game

The gameplay term describes how players interact with a video game and how it is played, including the rules, plot, goals, and how to achieve them. For example, one of the gameplay features is how the player can manage the character to jump, swim, or use magic. The player’s overall experience is one of the most important factors in gameplay that dictates the success or failure of a video game.

From the players’ point of view, when they think of gameplay, they mainly refer to what they can do in the game and how other entities in the game react to the player’s actions. Usually, players want to be challenged, control the game environment, master as many features as possible, and be rewarded accordingly.

Also, when we talk about playability, game design plays an important role. Game designers need to look for areas of the game that frustrate players and prevent them from enjoying the experience. Also, before designing the UI design, it is important to know your players to guide and provide them with relevant information at the right time.

To anticipate possible negative results, playability must be taken into account in each stage of game development from the beginning of the project. This step will also guarantee a high quality of playability that will improve your player experience.

What criteria must a video game meet to be playable?

For a fun experience, a video game must meet several main criteria such as:

Satisfaction. A video game needs to have the ability to entertain and excite players. They must feel pleasure while playing a video game. This satisfaction usually comes from several combined elements such as visually finished, good level desing and attractive missions that reward them appropriately, competition in the game, or a unique mix of core loops to get players involved in multiple simultaneous tasks quickly.

Learnability. A playable video game must offer the player ease of learning controls, understanding the game system and the game mechanics such as rules, how to control the characters, what is the objective of the game, etc. The game should not be too easy to bore the players and not too challenging to frustrate them.

Effectiveness. A video game with a high playability quality must provide players with the resources and time needed to complete missions. While they enjoy a fun and entertaining experience, the correct structuring of the game’s resources must allow them to accomplish
the game’s various tasks, including the ultimate goal.

good playability in game

Immersion. For players to get directly involved in the game world, it must have credible content and present realism and socio-cultural resemblance to the real world. Immersion engages the player, keeping them dedicated to the game, and later motivates them to return. Also, immersive experiences can create highly personal and emotional moments.

Motivation. A video game with quality playability is built with features that urge players to do specific actions and continue them until they complete them. These can be encouragement techniques, curiosities in the game, receiving resources or bonuses, improving the character, etc.

Emotion. A positive gaming experience is based on pleasant feelings. The two main aspects that provoke emotions are play and narration. An example of a play emotion is the player’s feelings of competition generated by winning or losing. Also, players who play video games in a team may feel loyalty to other members and want to play as much together online as possible.

Socialization. Video games have become social spaces and connect players around the world with each other. The set of socializing attributes, elements, and resources of the game, promotes the social aspect of the experience below in a group scenario. So now social development has become one of a benefit that video games offer to players. The social element must be found in the video game that wants to have high playability.


How do we test your video game and its playability at Starloop Studios?

For a game to be successful, it had to have a high playability rate. If your game is not attractive enough for players, one or more of the playability criteria may be missing. At Starloop Studios, we can test your video games and their playability for a bug-free and responsive gaming activity to your end-user.

Playability is a criterion that players realize in the first hour of play, so delivering a video game with bugs or other errors that interrupt the gaming experience will reduce your sales. To prevent this from happening, the Starloop team offers solutions for game testing mechanical issues, game functionality, and fixing all the problems you encounter in the mission to make your game popular.

To be sure that your game is error-free, has high playability, and offers a quality gaming experience, you can contact us, and we will offer you the best gaming solutions.

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