Guide to Understanding
NFT Gaming

There is a rapid growth of the NFT gaming world as cryptocurrency, blockchains, and NFTs are becoming increasingly accepted and normal in every industry. Despite its popularity, it’s still quite a difficult and complicated topic to dive into. Starloop Studios prides itself on making complicated things easy, so we decided to step up to the plate and provide some easy to understand information on NFTs

What are NFTS?

Starting simply, let’s explain what NFTs are. NFT stands for non-fungible token. Effectively, a token that is unique. Any currency you know, the US Dollar or the Euro, they are fungible tokens. No one dollar bill is worth more than any other. They are interchangeable.

NFTs are not interchangeable equally. They’re like collectibles, which despite being similar or identical to another, they have a separate and unique value. Two identical pieces of art or two identical rare cars, they might be the same value on a day. But they can go up or down in value, all depending on its circumstances.

So, NFTs are digital collectibles. They are a unique asset that can be anything. Now that we understand what an NFT is, let’s separate it from cryptocurrency.

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