GAME CO-DEVELOPMENT: Improve Communication Across Development Teams

How do you make a successful co-development relationship work? Co-development relationships are tricky. Making them successful means making a better product. Get it right, and it’s like you’ve created a gigantic, beautiful games studio with no walls and no limits.

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[E-BOOK] Game Co-development:Improve Communication Across Development Teams

Going beyond the comfort zone in today’s game development world entails building diverse global production partnerships through time zones, languages, and cultures across various developers, engineers, game designers, and game artists. Co-development between studios is how developers grow their businesses, produce compelling goods, add skills, workforce, and talent while maintaining a realistic perspective on ROI.

Good communication is a precious skill that receives much too little recognition. The majority of video game production guides and tutorials struggle to recognize communication as a game development ability.

This e-book will give you some useful tips on boosting your game development team’s communication skills that can improve productivity and mitigate conflict before it arises.

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