Game Co-Development: Improve Communication Across Development Teams E-book

Good communication is a precious skill that receives much too little recognition in today’s game development world. The majority of video game production guides and tutorials struggle to recognize communication as a game development ability.

The belief is that pushing communications through various teams, such as game producers, designers, technical artists, economy and level designers, increases the likelihood of achievement and real convergence. Moreover, co-development between studios is how developers grow their businesses, produce compelling goods, add skills, workforce, and talent while maintaining a realistic perspective on ROI.

How to Make a Co-Development Relationship Work?

The fundamentals of good cooperation are pretty simple. These days, gaming partners are looking for something more than just a straightforward hiring strategy for their innovative programs. They want passionate, diversely skilled teams that will work as tirelessly on a project as an internal production team to become an essential part of the organization. They aren’t looking for a flexible talent pool but rather an expansion of their own production team; a partner who is as committed to making the best game possible as they are.

What you will learn from this e-book

  • Key benefits of game co-development
  • The basics of good communication of co-development between studios
  • 5 Tips on how you can build a fruitful co-development relationship

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