Why Should You Port Your Game to Console?

So you want to port your game to consoles? That’s fantastic! However, although the procedure has become simpler in recent years, it is still a process and a very lengthy one. This E-book will give you a brief rundown of general tips for those considering taking the console route!

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E-BOOK: 7 Technical Tips for Porting Your Game to Next-Gen Consoles

Not sure if porting to console is worth it? Any developer, indie or AAA, will have to deal with this at some stage. There are several projects where a platform makes more sense, such as smartphone games that are obviously… mobile. Mobile games are suitable for tablets and computers, but not for PCs or consoles.

So what are those games? You might claim they can do well cross-platform due to the target demographic or even specific mechanics. However, before deciding if it’s worthwhile to port to console, consider all of the variables.

This e-book will give you some useful tips that can make the porting process less of a technical nightmare and a more fruitful experience.

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