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Jesus BoschJesús Bosch is the Founder and CEO at Starloop Studios. With an entrepreneurial spirit, and hybrid business and technical background, he values the most working with honest and smart people and build personal relations to achieve more together. He defines the company strategy and manages a team of great people trying to balance the challenges with the day to day operations to help the organization reach new horizons.

Here are our corporate values and what makes them so important

An organization is not just about products, clients, sales and turnover – it is about people. The soul of a company lies in the individuals who work for it. These people shape the corporate culture, and based on that culture comes a way of working. When steered in the right direction, this gives rise to results covering all of the factors mentioned at the start.

This leads me to talk about teams. Building a strong team is no easy task, which is why it is so important for everyone to feel comfortable and acknowledged. Our culture reminds us of who we are, and our values remind us of the principles that should guide us whenever we hesitate.

While business is still small its culture can be spread by word of mouth, just as our ancient ancestors would pass on their knowledge from generation to generation. But at Starloop, we are on the verge of becoming a relatively large company if we play our cards right. On this path to growth, we are keen to not only preserve our adaptability and agility; we want to enhance it, and that is a major challenge. Our current degree of efficiency is no longer enough. It has to improve if we are to become scalable and avoid serious difficulties as we grow.

In fact, just growing is harder than you might think. When things are going well, hiring new people seems easy. Maybe so, but we intend to hire people who are special, people who believe in certain values that make them exceptional and that, equally importantly, keep them in line with the organization’s overall goal.

Over the years I have witnessed companies that seemed to be working well and growing nicely cave in on themselves by failing to handle that growth properly.

The thing that makes me feel proudest of Starloop is the team we have built, watching it ripen and mature and feeling that as time goes on it will be able to take on even greater challenges. That enables us to set ourselves ambitious targets and improve on everything we have achieved so far.

But it’s all about values. As I was saying, values are the key to hiring the right profiles and communicating with clients, partners and everyone according to the same specific criteria.

The values I have listed below are some of the many I think our organization has. These are the values the team and I have chosen to highlight and put first as our core principles:


We like to be reliable. When we are entrusted a task, we get it done and we amply exceed the expectations of whoever we are working with – clients or colleagues.

Co-operation and engagement

Starloop is definitely an independent company. But even so, we like to feel involved in our client’s project and be part of their team. We don’t believe in the conventional client-supplier relationship. We prefer to see our clients as partners. After all, their success is our success, and so is their failure. We are also undeniably flexible. We adapt to the way the client works. We have worked with plenty of clients and each one has taught us something. If they let us, we use an agile methodology and take part in the client’s team meetings. Then, finally, we find a way of leveraging our expertise and the creativity we have developed after all the projects we have done on all kinds of scales.


Transparency is a sign of honesty and maturity. People need to know what problems the company is facing, what strategy it applies and what its strengths and weaknesses are. Otherwise, how can we expect to improve? How can we hope to avoid people jumping to their own conclusions? Without the right information, they are bound to be wrong. We trust in the maturity and honesty of the Starloop team and, of course, of our clients. After all, transparency has to be applied both inwards and outwards. Our long-term goal is to reach completely radical transparency levels where every single member of the team has open access to absolutely all the information the company has about the business, but we have to take it one step at a time.


We are not self-complacent – we are humble, respectful and highly demanding. Since we are honest, we know we can tell it like it is, openly, with the good and the bad. If anything is inefficient, we will find it and report it. If anything can be done better, we will talk about how. Just because something has “always” been done in a certain way doesn’t mean it can’t be changed for the better.


We love developing video games and that is why we are here. We work hard to produce high-quality games with the potential to reach huge player audiences, always in line with our clients’ expectations and in a way that makes us proud of what we do.

Listing our values is just the beginning. Staying true to those values entails organizational improvements. For instance, we have to strive to become even more transparent both inwards and outwards, and we realize that we need to improve certain organizational aspects that would make us more efficient and scalable.

It is important to engage the entire team in these values, making sure that everyone understands them and believes in them, including new recruits. I trust my team wholeheartedly and I have every confidence we can make it.

In fact, securing these values will be one of my main goals this year. In a few months’ time, I hope to find myself writing about how this has all paid off.

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