Game customer support is one of the most important aspects to consider after you have launched your game. This service can decide the fate of your business: players will stop playing your game if they don’t get an answer to their problems (or maybe if they get it too late), or they will keep their interest in the game and even become more loyal if you manage to solve their problems quickly.

It is not always easy to come to the aid of the players and to offer them exemplary help, to respond to them quickly, and to exceed their expectations. All sorts of unexpected challenges or problems can occur along the way. But if you hire the right partner to offer your customers the best gaming customer services, you can keep your players close to you, excited, and happy that their issues have been solved very quickly.

Here are some challenges you can face on the road and the solutions you can apply to provide the best support to players.

1. Players are angry. It can happen for various reasons: bugs, credit card problems, etc. It is best at this time to follow these 3 simple steps:

  • Listen to the client to the end, without interruption
  • Convey that you deeply understand how they feel.
  • Solve the problem as soon as possible and show the client that you have given your best to solve the problem.

Moreover, it’s imperative you have 24/7 live customer service, to solve the problem of the gamer as quickly as possible, without them become frustrated. There are always going to be product problems that require human insight and help, and you need to be sure you can offer your customers the promise of instant help for the times when self-service isn’t doing the trick.

2. Impatient Players.

When players enter their zone, they want to play – now. If they face a product problem, not only will they be unhappy, but they will also be extremely impatient. As a solution, make sure that all the information is easy to find so you can respond quickly to the request. Our Starloopians are fantastic communicators, with solid knowledge of the industry, ready to respond to your gamers quickly and solve your gamer’s problems.

3. When your customer service department does not have the right tools to help the gamer.

Sadly, according to Calabrio, “60% of customer service representatives said they didn’t have the right tools or technology to handle complex problems.” This can be a big problem if the client needs help and can’t contact you or you can’t help them. What to do? Either use tools and software that can help your support team interact more effectively with gamers, or the best solution is to collaborate with a company like Starloop Studios that can handle all the Gaming Customer Service aspect.


As long as you’re working with customers every day, you’ll continue to face the myriad of challenges that gaming customer support brings.

But by being prepared with the tools and techniques to turn those challenges into opportunities to build better relationships with your customers, you can make your life — and theirs — a lot easier.

The best thing you can do is work with a game development company which has the necessary experience to keep your customers close and can offer them the best Gaming Customer Service,

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