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Starloop Studios’ Culture

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Carlos López-Tello
Carlos López-TelloProducer, Starloop Studios

January, 2020

Since I was 21 years old I wanted to open my own video game studio. Back then I didn’t know exactly what kind of company culture I would like, but I was certain about some specific values that my dream studio would have. Today I am working at Starloop Studios, and one of the main reasons why I chose this company is because they believe in the same values that I believe in: team goes first.

From the first interview with Nuria to the moment I was received by Xavier, CTO of the company, I could see that my feelings about this company culture were certain: The vibe at Starloop is young, relaxed and professional. They care not only for their employees working environment, they also make an effort to find the project that best fits each employee based on their skills and personal preferences. On top of this there are two specific things that are making this job grateful: My production team and the capability to do with small limitations.

Here at Starloop people know how to listen. They dedicate time and effort to create spaces where improvement proposals would be studied, always with a constructive attitude, and it’s here where I think the team plays a huge role on this positive experience: they are not pretentious. These people know their limitations and are always open to critics, new ways of working and even self improvement along with a humble attitude.

Before working at Starloop I was working on a personal project called Disembodied. This video game was developed at U-tad university with a group of master students, and it was there that I learned the basics of video game production and video game development. Along the way of that project I meet lots of different people and professional profiles, something that allowed me to understand that mostly humbleness and self awareness is what makes a good game development attitude.

Am I happy working here? Yes, and I have my reasons:

  • They care about people
  • They are humble
  • They are professional

I can’t say anything more than to be grateful for being at the right place, at the right time, and with the right people.

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