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Javier Florido
Javier FloridoLead Marketing Artist, Starloop Studios

December, 2021

Since I was a little boy, I always liked drawing and everything related to animation and video games. This led me years later to study art, although art schools at that time were still quite anchored in the classical artistic education. I remember that the first photoshop that got my hands on still did not have layers. They implemented it the following year thanks to Adobe. There were already classes in digital design, animation and 3D. These classes blew my mind – it made me more interested about digital art and continued pursuing it. After going through several Spanish art schools, I ended up graduating in design and illustration.

My professional career began in Madrid as a digital art director focused mainly on web design and animation. After few years in digital, I started working as an ATL and BTL art director, along with some illustration projects in printed art publications and company websites. Until at a certain point, I was presented with the opportunity to take a leap into the gaming industry. I have always been a gamer so I could not miss the opportunity. I moved to Barcelona and that’s where my journey started in the marketing art in video games.

As an artist and advertising art director, I thought that marketing in video games seem to be one of the most exciting areas to work in. Being a Marketing Artist gives you the opportunity to expand your knowledge in different areas such as video editing, animation, 3D, illustration or design. Each project is always different and has different challenges. While communication channels evolve, so does marketing.

Working at Starloop Studios has allowed me to participate in a wide variety of projects and with a team of professionals who are passionate about their work, in a family and friendly environment. There’s camaraderie within the team which knowledge is shared and creating synergies between different departments. As an artist, I believe that Starloop is a good place to learn and grow with a great diversity of projects to participate in.

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