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Iontxu Ocasar
Iontxu OcasarLead VFX Artist, Starloop Studios


November, 2021

I spent my early childhood with an Atari 2600 alongside my brother, we both grew up with a controller in our hands and a deep love for video games. Console generation after console generation we grew fond of storytelling, adventures, challenges  and tons of fun.

Years later I started creating my own video games with my brother and a friend, there I discovered my true passion for visuals and particles.   

This is the reason I studied a Multimedia degree. Once I finished, Starloop Studios gave me the opportunity to be an intern as a game programmer. I must confess that I was a bit scared, I love the code but I know I’m not very good at it and certainly I struggled a lot at the beginning. At some point the company needed a VFX artist, and at that time it was a very hard to find position. I offered myself even knowing that I would be alone, and no one would be able to teach me, but Starloop gave me the chance to do what I love and they trusted me from the beginning, providing me training and time to learn, to become what I am and do what I love to do.

This is why here at Starloop, we put all the love and care we can on every single effect, in each delivery we give the best of ourselves, being creative, passionate and thorough. We love to add sparkling magic to your stories!    

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