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Jose Antonio Gallardo Fernandez

Unity Technical Director

Can you discuss your experience being a developer for metaverse projects?

I worked on an amazing metaverse project named Uttopion (formerly Musichood), a metaverse for music lovers (and now also for fitness, but I was involved only with Musichood). In this project, the users enjoy a virtual city where they can enter live and recorded concert rooms from bands, talk with friends, have their own virtual apartments, shop, and visit third-party shops.

Developing this project was really fun, even though we faced some challenges like keeping the city alive even if no users were online and switching instances to be where your friends are. Also, to make the city editable by the Musichood team from a backend service with the ability to generate new builds for the project, allowing them to change events, shops, advertising spots, or the whole city configuration.

In your experience, how do metaverse projects differ from traditional game development projects?

I think there isn’t much of a difference between a game and a metaverse project.Mostly, it is related to what the user can do. A game is more challenging for gamers than for a metaverse project where things are more social than competitive. So, providing more tools for social interaction and sharing is a must in a metaverse project.

What are the key technical issues that can arise during metaverse development?

As I mentioned before, the key technical issues are keeping the metaverse alive even if no users are connected, social interaction, and a stable connection between server and users. I used Photon multiplayer technologies that solve many of the needs and problems, however, there is a lot of work required to ensure the metaverse runs efficiently and smoothly.

What kind of skills and knowledge are needed to be a metaverse developer?

Of course, the same skills are needed as a game developer, but also it’s very important to have a good understanding of multiplayer server technologies and if the metaverse project is going to be based on mobile technology, deal with micro interruptions of the network (very common when users aren’t using a wifi connection, because the carrier is changing from different networks based on the coverage, 5G, and 4G).

How do you balance the need for a secure metaverse with one that is open and accessible?

A metaverse needs almost the same security layer as any multiplayer game. Developers need to integrate a good authentication environment, for example, AWS and other third-party providers (Google, Facebook, Twitter). Also, blockchain technology allows a safe environment for the users to keep their assets and/or trade with them. This prevents their assets from being hacked. Other features, like defenses against gameplay hacks, are needed in a metaverse project.

What tools and programming languages are used in metaverse development?

Metaverse projects can be developed with different tools and languages, but the most common are the following:

Unity, C#, and a Cloud Multiplayer Server, for example, Photon Fusion.

Unreal, C++, and a Cloud Multiplayer Server (Unreal has its own technology)

How do blockchain technology and NFTs play a role in metaverse development?

This is an important feature for Metaverse projects. Blockchain technology makes everything safer and more secure for users because this technology allows the tracking of unique assets and their transactions history. NFT is a virtual asset to be tracked by blockchain technology, giving extra value to users owning unique and special assets that they can trade with other users in the metaverse.

Can you tell me what it’s like working at Starloop Studios and Magic Media?

This is an amazing company, with people from all over the world with different skills and cultures that make work here so cool. Everyone can learn a lot from each other, not only about professional skills, we are like a big family and everyone is really supporting each other. Everyone is very keen to help and share ideas, making our teams better every day, and releasing better products all the time. What I love is we are smart and humble people, always learning and always becoming better developers.