As one of the forerunners in blockchain game development, NFT game development, and Meta game development we’re always looking to push the boundaries. What’s the next best step to continue and grow the new, emerging world of blockchain gaming? Now, with dozens of blockchain gaming titles in the works, we’re confident that we are on the right track.

One of our current projects, which we’re very excited to announce, was also the space for some innovation and prototyping. While the project will stay anonymous (for now!) the technology we’re developing is something we’d love to share.

Seamless gaming experiences are essential to a great gaming experience. That’s where we started and saw that the layers required to access your blockchain gaming wallet were slowing things down.

Accessing your Blockchain Gaming Wallet

No matter the blockchain platform or your cryptocurrency of choice, there must always be a connection between the game and your blockchain wallet. No matter how big a part crypto or blockchain plays in the game, that connection is integral.

Most blockchain games work on a web platform and these platforms integrate the wallet in a few ways. For a launcher-based game, they’ll likely establish the connection via Chromium. For games based on WebGL, there is a direct wallet integration.

However, these web platform based games have limitations. There are so many incredible game development engines and platforms that we love to use. And we wanted to see them used more for things like blockchain gaming and NFT gaming. Unity and Unreal Engine are two of our favourites. Both are leading game development engines and hold that title for more than a few reasons!

So, we decided that the best step would be to create a direct plugin and library for crypto wallets on Unity and Unreal Engine! No extra integrations, no new windows, no launcher add-ons, or extraneous windows to continue with your marketplace transaction.

The Seamless Blockchain Gaming Experience

Blockchain, despite its popularity, is receiving criticism. It’s difficult to get into and even when you get a foot in the door, it is lacking in user friendly features. So, even if you are blockchain savvy and get into the blockchain gaming environment, you might find yourself lacking opponents or trade partners!

That’s precisely what a seamlessly integrated wallet helps break down. A seamless user experience, immediately integrated by the developers in the engine itself. No need to install another program like metamask. No extra steps! The Unity engine will have it all taken care of, one connection and verification, and you’re free to play seamlessly with your blockchain wallet.

And a direct connection like this also helps with the security side of things. This direct integration means constant verification. And more security means a safer experience but also peace of mind regarding your crypto, blockchain wallet, and assets.

Next Up!

Next on our list is to expand the plugins! Integrate more transaction types, allow importing of NFTs, and the verification process via your wallet.

Our understanding and knowledge of the growing industry means we are discovering new aspects to work on. New elements in need of improvement! We always embrace a challenge and are looking forward to tackling the variety of challenges waiting for us in the world of blockchain gaming.

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